10 Reasons MonClubSportif suits perfectly your team

Managing a sports team is not easy. At MonClubSportif, we understand that. That’s why, over the years, our team has worked very hard to give you the features that any good manager looks for.

Now, we are proud to say that, in our opinion, MonClubSportif is now one of the best team management applications available on the market. Why? Find out in this brief summary of the main features of our software.

1. A calendar for your events & games

With MCS, no more questions and misunderstandings. With MCS, no more questions and misunderstandings. You can add events, delete them, move them, in short create the calendar you need. It is also possible to synchronize everything with your personal calendar.

2. A team management app that sends you reminders on your cellphone

You already missed a practice because it was moved and you forgot about it? That does not happen with us. We know that life moves fast and that it is convenient to receive reminders for these things. Receive reminders and have free mind.

3. A complete statistics module

You are a coach and want to follow your players evolution? We offer pre-designed templates to make your job easier. Your sport is not there yet? You can customize your statistics the way you want.

4. Availability management, easier than ever !

With MCS, manage the presences of each member and avoid any bad surprise on game day. Present, not present or uncertain are the choices available for your members. In addition, you can put a deadline for those who tend to forget … This is not to mention the general report available in the statistics section that allows you to have a better idea of the attendance rate of your team.

5. A complete application, but cheaper than the competition

Providing quality service at an affordable price is very important to us. That’s why we offer the app for a 30-day no commitment trial period. Then, you can continue to benefit for as little as $ 6 per month or $ 60 per year per team, which is cheaper than most other solutions.

6. Simple and effective software

A team management application used by a large group of people should not be complicated. Indeed, the goal is to simplify it and not the other way around ! We thought about it and created a solution that meets your needs in just a few steps.

7. Share access for the same member

Share access to your child’s account between parents. Thus, more reasons to forget a single event. Limit misunderstandings !

8. Intra and inter-team discussions

With our app, you can send messages to all your members, only to the players, only to the parents, or to the coaches … In an organization, you can even write to a single team, all the teams, some people, in short you understand, all options are possible.

9. Team website ready to use

Your sports team is a huge hit and you would like to share it with the world? No problem, our app offers you a public website for your team in seconds. Colors, logo, manager’s word, list of members, statistics, partners, everything is there. What is even more wonderful? It’s totally free when you have a subscribed team with MCS! Now is the time to show off your achievements.

10. Customer Service in French AND in English

At MCS, we are eager to answer you in French as well as in English. In addition, you will speak with a real person because we believe that each issue deserves special attention. Looking forward to answering your questions!

The best sports team management app?

As you must be aware, we are proud of our product and service. That’s why we believe you should trust us. It’s that simple! In addition, you can try our team management software for 30 days for free, without even having to enter your credit card!


MonClubSportif is a sports team management application that helps teams get organized and communicate efficiently by centralizing all the important information in one place and automating different processes.

We facilitate the daily lives of 195 000 users already! Will you be the next one?

Check out our sports team organization for both sport associations and schools.


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