Cancel or reschedule all the events you want with these easy steps!

Step 1: Login to MonClubSportif from your computer. Select your team and go to the “Calendar” section.

sport team calendar matchs events

Step 2: Click on the arrow next to “Calendar”. Then click on “Cancel”.

sport canceled match

Step 3: An information page about the event appears. You can write the reason of cancellation and choose to notify or not the team members.
confirm cancel an event

Step 4: The match will still be on the list, but it will be crossed to prevent any confusion.

sport team canceled event exemple

The match is officially canceled! You can still reschedule if needed.

Step 5: Click on the arrow facing the canceled event. Then click on “Reschedule”.

sport team reschedule match

Step 6: Edit the information about the date and save. It is still possible to notify all the team members by checking the box.

Your event has been edited and your team notified!

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