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Sports team organization software, for the simple life you deserve!

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Automatic availability reminders for players

The app sends reminders before games and practices to warn your players to set their availabilities.

Availability Management

Simplify Availabilities Management

With the availability management tool, quickly check availabilities and call your reservists if needed.


Team players address book

Effectively consolidate all player, coach and other member information at a single place.


Team website

Create a Website with your team's logo and colors. Share details about your team with your supporters place !

All these features and much more!

MonClubSportif allows you to enter all the relevant information for your season and automate your processes. This way, your members become more autonomous and you won’t have to contact them all the time. You will save some precious time and your patience will thank you!

Why use a sports team app? To save hours upon hours every single week!

Sport Team Management Mobile app

Our app allows you to simplify your sports team management directly from your phone!

With MonClubSportif, say goodbye to outdated and unreliable management tools. Use technology to centralize all of your important information in one place!

What is MonClubSportif?

MonClubSportif is the ultimate sports team management app, making your management easier in an intuitive way.

Developed by and for passionate sports people, this team management app offers a ton of useful features to make your life easier and to let you concentrate on what matters the most… the sport! Don't be scared and try our 30-day free trial with no commitment.

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+270,000 players and 25,000 teams use MonClubsportif in Quebec

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