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Sports team management app for a hassle-free year

Whether at the start of the school year or when launching one of your activities, our school management software for team sports makes your task easier with our different features.

Discover the benefits of our school management software:

  • Digitization of registrations and payments
  • Quick import of your participant and event information
  • Professionalization of communications and increased security of participants through the use of dedicated tools
  • Better management of family schedules and sports and cultural activities to reduce absences and lateness
  • Simplifying your daily life by receiving notifications of any changes
  • Centralization of attendance and statistics to ensure better monitoring
Application de gestion scolaire

School management software to increase the safety of your students

In everyone’s eyes, student development and safety are essential in school environments. This is why we developed our sports team software to meet the needs of sports managers and management concerned about health and safety.

Discover the benefits:

  • Right to review all communications between minor athletes and coaches (to comply with Coach.ca’s Rule of 2)
  • Overview of the sports manager and management of changes and exchanges
  • Access to the directory of players and their parents in case of emergency
  • One-click abuse reporting
  • Centralized injury and concussion management (coming soon)
Logiciel de gestion scolaire

Would you like to evaluate how MonClubSportif’s school management software adapts to your reality in your school?

With MonClubSportif, people just sign up, and the data collection process takes care of itself. I can export everything to an Excel spreadsheet, which is super easy and saves me a lot of time! What’s more, I’m sure I’ve got the right e-mail addresses, which avoids mistakes…

Brigitte Turcotte
Sports Manager, Pamphile-Le May Secondary School

MonClubSportif was able to greatly help us with last-minute daily adjustments. In a school context, there are always things that change. With MonClubSportif, we are able to give real-time updates to our parents with the help of push notifications.

Jean-Philippe Gagnon
Head of the football program, Collège François-de-Laval

It is a tool that is very valuable to us every year. Communication is the crux of the matter in our field. Before, we operated by email, like everyone else, but MonClubSportif brings something more personalized and instantaneous in terms of communication and planning…

Julien Dufort
Sports Manager, Durocher Saint Lambert College

This is what I was mainly looking for with MonClubSportif: rapid communication with parents. I would tell you that instead of taking 1 hour to send a massive email, it only takes me 5 minutes now. This is very precious time!.

Sindy Drolet
Recreation Technician (sports component), Donnacona Secondary School

Simplified management. Guaranteed fun

A versatile sports team management solution that goes beyond team sports

Gestion simplifiée, plaisir assuré

Sports manager

Fonctionnalités - Vue d'ensemble des équipes

Overview of all your teams

As platform manager, you have the right to review all discussions and changes in your teams in just a click.

Fonctionnalités - Calendriers fusionnés

All your calendars merged into one

Supervising the various activities of your teams has never been easier than with your centralized view.

Leisure technician

Fonctionnalités - Importation Calendrier

Registration and import of your calendars

With our turnkey service, our team takes care of personalizing the platform for you so that you only have to send the registration links to your participants and their parents.

Fonctionnalités - Communication centralisées

Centralized communications

Our publication module ensures you share structured information while our instant messaging ensures speed and security.

Hey! Would you like to present our school management software for sports team to your school management and colleagues?

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A caring sports team software

Sports team management can be a tedious task in itself. However, it is also important to ensure constant supervision in order to foster a safe and caring sporting and academic environment. This represents a significant additional responsibility.

In this context, technology becomes an interesting solution for automating notifications, centralizing information, improving the responsiveness of interventions, and much more.

Explore our different features and modules available to you!

Santé et sécurité - Milieux scolaire

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