Automate, centralize and operationalize your sports activities

The ideal sporting club software for solving labor shortage problems, simplifying administrative tasks, and ensuring efficient sports association management

Discover the benefits for your role:

Centralize all your teams for seamless monitoring

Communicate quickly and in a variety of ways

Intervene specifically with one of your teams or participants

Plan your training sessions by actively managing your attendance

Communicate transparently without using social media

Automate notifications to ensure efficient information sharing

Synchronize the season’s calendar with your own calendar to easily reconcile your personal life with your children’s sports activities

Simplify travel and tournament organization by communicating with team members via various chat channels

Activate your notifications to receive automatic reminders and ensure your child’s safety

Notification panel

Visualize changes and new features on all your team’s platforms at a glance

Discover the benefits of our sporting club software

Keep a close eye on all teams

Keep a close eye on all teams

Observe changes and innovations in team platforms

Panneau de notification

Access to the team application

Keep a close eye on each of your teams by exploring their respective platforms

Discover the benefits of our sporting club software

Alternate easily between a global view and a view contextualized to each team by connecting to their respective platform

Rigorously monitor the safety and attendance of all athletes, without any exceptions

Interact with all members directly

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With MonClubSportif’s presence system, it’s easier to organize coaches and association managers. It also makes it possible to anticipate human resources needs (lack of a coach, need for a replacement, etc.).

Pierre Behl
Base Soccer Manager, CS Trident

With MonClubSportif’s communication module, information is centralized in one place, and communication with parents is now much simpler.

Jade Charlebois
Competitive Sector Coordinator, Club Campiagile Sparks

Configuring access to the manager's platform

Give your colleagues responsibilities by delegating personalized access to the manager’s platform for seamless sports association management

Discover the benefits of our sporting club software

Offload administrative tasks

Empower your colleagues

Empowering the organization

Fonctionnalités -

Adding a new season

Create and purchase a new season by filling in the form available in the application

Discover the benefits of our sporting club software

Speed up the purchasing process

Proactively plan for next season

Autonomize subscription purchasing for a fast, simple process

Nouvelles saison

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Share an important message and make it easily accessible during the season

Discover the benefits of our sporting club software

Pin important information for easy access throughout the season

Enable comments to encourage exchanges between members on a given topic

Inform all members concerned with automatic notification


Team calendar

Add all the season’s matches, practices, events and tournaments in one place.

Discover the benefits of our sporting club software

Share the season’s activities with parents and athletes to inform members at the start of the season

Easily consult matches and practices planned on a daily basis to be proactive in their planning

Facilitate public transport by sharing Google Street addresses

Calendrier d'équipe

Would you like to see how MonClubSportif fits in with your association's reality and helps your sports management association?

Overview for coaches with several teams

Select Overview for a general view of all teams.

Discover the benefits of our sporting club software

Contextualized supervision for each team

Avoid the back-and-forth between platforms of all teams

See all expected activities for all teams on the same page

Vue d'ensemble

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Add access to the team platform

Sharing information about participants’ sporting activities with their family and friends, for a sense of shared responsibility.

Discover the benefits of our sporting club software

Create an account for each of the athlete’s parents or guardians

Delegate management of athlete activities to trusted individuals

Facilitate everyone’s responsibility in managing the season’s activities

Ajout d'accès à la plateforme d'équipe

Subscribe to the team calendar

Synchronize the team calendar with the personal calendar to facilitate day-to-day organization

Discover the benefits of our sporting club software

View the sports activities of each of the athlete’s teams on the personal calendar

Avoid forgetfulness

Stay informed, in real time, of schedule changes

Abonnement au calendrier de l'équipe

What's the difference between the manager's platform (blue) and the team platform (orange)?

How can we navigate between the manager's platform and the platform of one of our teams?

How can I import my members onto the platform?

How can I monitor my members' conversations?

How do I set up my notifications?