Who we are

Karl Demers and Dominic Bégin, Co-founders of MonClubSportif

Athletes since childhood and coaches for 20 years, Karl and Dominic set up MonClubSportif with the aim of saving more time on administrative management so they could focus on what they’re really passionate about: coaching!

With a background in software development and marketing, they set about developing the app in 2015. As parents themselves, they put athletes’ health and safety at the heart of MonClubSportif’s development. By 2019, over 15,000 teams and 175,000 players had used the platform.

During the pandemic, the team took the opportunity to hold discussions with key users to continue developing new modules to increase athlete health and safety, including secure instant messaging, the health form and abuse reporting.

By 2023, over 120 schools, 75 sports associations and 400,000 users will benefit daily from MonClubportif’s various management and communications modules, thanks to the expertise of our 12 dedicated employees.

Karl Demers et Dominic Bégin

Why does MonClubSportif exist?

MonClubSportif's mission

At MonClubSportif, our mission is clear: to improve the daily lives of those involved in sports and social organizations in order to promote fun.

With a deep commitment to excellence, we strive to create a platform where managers, coaches and members can flourish.

Our willingness to understand and adapt to the needs of the sporting community reflects our strong belief in delivering quality and value.

La mission MonClubSportif

MonClubSportif values

To maintain our commitment to our customers, we focus on four core values:







Bien être


Our business and financing partners

We’d like to thank our partners for their invaluable support and trust, enabling us to bring MonClubSportif’s mission to life and make an impact on the quality of life of people in the sports and cultural world.


Member of the educational technology enterprise community

Entrepreneuriat ULaval et Le CAMP

Entrepreneurial support

MITACS et ULaval

Funding for research program on artificial intelligence for athlete cybersecurity

Ville de Québec

Financing through Défi Startup Québec

Accompagnement entrepreneurial

Entrepreneurial support

With MonClubSportif, people just sign up, and the data collection process takes care of itself. I can export everything to an Excel spreadsheet, which is super easy and saves me a lot of time! What’s more, I’m sure I’ve got the right e-mail addresses, which avoids mistakes…

Brigitte Turcotte
Sports Manager, Pamphile-Le May Secondary School

MonClubSportif was able to greatly help us with last-minute daily adjustments. In a school context, there are always things that change. With MonClubSportif, we are able to give real-time updates to our parents with the help of push notifications.

Jean-Philippe Gagnon
Head of the football program, Collège François-de-Laval

It is a tool that is very valuable to us every year. Communication is the crux of the matter in our field. Before, we operated by email, like everyone else, but MonClubSportif brings something more personalized and instantaneous in terms of communication and planning…

Julien Dufort
Sports Manager, Durocher Saint Lambert College

This is what I was mainly looking for with MonClubSportif: rapid communication with parents. I would tell you that instead of taking 1 hour to send a massive email, it only takes me 5 minutes now. This is very precious time!.

Sindy Drolet
Recreation Technician (sports component), Donnacona Secondary School

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