One package, two platforms to simplify the management of your sports and cultural activities

In order to adapt to your reality, MonClubSportif has created 2 sports team management platforms depending on the type of user so that everyone gets the most out of it.

Plateforme web de gestion

 Web-based school management system

When managers want to set up their teams at the start of the season or know the changes and messages sent to users, the web management platform allows them to have the overview to manage their teams effectively

Tarifs pour gestion d'équipes scolaires et activités culturelles

Mobile team application

On a daily basis, coaches use the mobile application to communicate with parents and participants, take attendance quickly and, among other things, share important documents for events.

How pricing works for educational establishments

The majority of schools with which we work purchase the annual team package of our school management system, including turnkey service, to ensure peace of mind and thus reduce their workload.

Included in the package for schools, free 2 months per year:

  • Access to the web management platform and the mobile application
  • All features
  • Training tools for sports managers, coaches, parents and participants
  • Unlimited support for all your users

* All our services can be covered thanks to measure 15028, among others (consult the entire list of applicable measures)

Example for a school of 20 teams

  • $1800/year + $500 for turnkey service (option) = $2300 + taxes/year
School Price

Would you like to know the amount to budget for your school management system?

Simply request a quote and a member of our team will contact you to confirm the details.

Turnkey service

We know that choosing to change the way you do things is a big step in your already busy professional life. This is why we want to take part in making things easier for you.

For the turnkey service of your school management system, our team takes care of:

  • Importing your start of season calendars
  • Creating your registration links for each of your teams
  • Importing your lists of students and parents (if you do not use our registration links)
  • Sending the invitation to all your users to create their accounts in MonClubSportif
Service clé en main

Get a personalized guided tour with an advisor or watch a short recorded tour of our sports management software!

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Does MonClubSportif fit into my school budget?

How can I be notified when my child is absent from a match or event?

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