A shared responsibility to address safety in sports

Join the big MonClubSportif family to become a leader in the professionalization of a caring sports and educational environment.

Ensure cyber security in sports

Our instant messaging module is equipped with a moderator module, which allows each manager in the organization to have access to all conversations created on the platform, including those in which they do not participate. This module offers a practical solution to effectively supervise and manage discussions within the organization. We have implemented the best practices for cyber security in sports.

Messagerie Instantanée

In Québec, 57% of young people aged 10 to 18 have already experienced cyberbullying.

Report abuse

Our report abuse button gives you the ability to completely anonymously report any malicious behavior occurring within your organization, fostering psychological safety in sports.

Signaler un abus

“In Québec, a study conducted among 1,055 young athletes aged 14 to 17 revealed that 79.2% of them had experienced at least one form of psychological violence during their sporting career.”

Report concussions

A new concussion reporting and management module will be released in 2024!

nouveau module de signalement et de gestion des commotions cérébrales à venir

Each year, 20 to 40% of athletes suffer a concussion.

Report unplanned absences

Allow parents to easily notify the coach in the event of their child’s unexpected absence.

Permettez aux parents d’aviser facilement l’entraîneur en cas d’absence imprévue de leur enfant

No one is safe from a child who decides to skip practice, but anyone can automate the sending of a notification so that everyone is informed immediately.

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