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Sports management association software for a hassle-free season

Whether you need to manage your practices, matches, tournaments, or sporting events, our sporting club software, with its various modules, is here to make your life easier.

Discover the advantages:

  • Fast online registration (and optional payment)
  • Turnkey import and synchronization of calendars with users’ personal agendas
  • Real-time notification of schedule or location changes
  • Centralized attendance and statistics for better tracking
Application de gestion sportive pour association

Sports association management software to increase the safety of your athletes

Everyone agrees that development and safety are essential to the long-term development of athletes. That’s why we’ve developed our tool to meet the needs of club general managers and technical directors.

Discover the benefits:

  • Right of access to communications between underage athletes and coaches (to comply with’s Rule of Two)
  • Overview for managers of modifications and exchanges
  • Player and parent directory for rapid communication in case of emergency
  • One-click abuse reporting
Logiciel de gestion sportive

Would you like to see how MonClubSportif fits in with the reality of your sports management association?


With MonClubSportif’s presence system, it’s easier to organize coaches and association managers. It also makes it possible to anticipate human resources needs (lack of a coach, need for a replacement, etc.).

Pierre Behl
Base Soccer Manager, CS Trident

With MonClubSportif’s communication module, information is centralized in one place, and communication with parents is now much simpler.

Jade Charlebois
Competitive Sector Coordinator, Club Campiagile Sparks

MonClubSportif is an intuitive application that makes it easy to contact the platform’s users in compliance with rule 2.

Jérémie Tremblay
Operations Coordinator, Ultimate Québec

Simplified management, guaranteed fun

The perfect all-round sporting club software for athletes of all levels!

Gestion d'association sportive

Technical Manager

Fonctionnalité - Panneau de notification

Notification panel

At a glance, visualize changes and new features on all your association’s team platforms.

Fonctionnalités - Communication centralisées

Centralized communications

Our publishing module lets you share structured information, while our instant messaging ensures speed and security.


Fonctionnalité -

Synchronized calendar

Add all your matches, practices, events and tournaments of the year in one place, even in your personal diary.

Fonctionnalité - Publications Messageries instantanées

Publications and instant messaging

By using the publishing module and instant messaging, you won’t have to use your social networks to chat with parents and players.

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A caring sports management association software solution

Managing athletes can be a tedious task in itself. However, it is also important to ensure constant supervision in order to foster a safe and caring sports environment. This represents a significant additional responsibility for maximizing the long-term development of your members.

In this context, technology becomes a great solution for automating notifications, centralizing information, improving the responsiveness of interventions, and much more.

Take a look at our range of functions and modules!

Saison association sportive

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