Step 1: Login to your web app and go to the “Calendar” section of you team.

Desktop version - Calendar section

Step 2: Click on the “Location” button to manage the list of your event sites.

Desktop version - Access locations list

Step 3: Choose add or edit a location.

Desktop version - Add or modify a location

Step 4:

– Write down the location address and then click on the “Refresh map” button to reposition the cursor on the map.


– Select your location straight from the map, drag and drop the red cursor on the preferred location. The address will be set from the closest result.

Desktop version - Localisation address of the location on Google maps

Step 5: Save your changes. Now, all your team members will have access to the exact location of the site and could even get the route.

Note: Site management is not accessible through your mobile app.

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