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Health condition monitoring module for your members

The module allows you to track the health condition of all your members by automatically sending them a form with questions of your choice before each event.

Using this module is very simple and require only 2 steps.

Step 1 – Set up

1.1 : Login to MonClubSportif on your phone and go to the “COVID-19” section of your team.

Activate your health condition tracking - covid-19

1.2 : Check the “Activate this functionality” box.

1.3 : There are automatically 3 questions, but you can modify, delete or add new ones.

Select your questions health condition tracking - covid-19

1.4 : Define how long before the event you want your members to receive a notification to fill up the form. If you choose 4 hours, it means that all members will receive a notification (mobile/email) 4 hours before every event.

1.5 : If you wish to notify your members that you are enabling the feature, check “Notify the players”, then write the message you wish to send them and click on “Save“.

Select your questions health condition tracking - covid-19

Step 2 – Monitor the results

As the season progress, members will fill the forms and you will be able to view or modify them and follow up on who is attending the same events.

2.1 : To view or modify a member’s form, simply go to the event via the calendar. Click on the event and then click on the “Health” sub-menu. You will see the list of answers (complete, incomplete and failed) and you can click on the member of your choice. Just click on the answer you want to edit and save.

Members summary health condition tracking - covid-19

Modify question health condition tracking - covid-19

2.2 : When a member answers “yes” to a question, the manager is automatically notified. If you need to track down the people who may have been in contact with this member, just follow these steps.

2.2.1 : Go to the menu and click on the “COVID-19” tab. Go to the “Monitor the results” sub-menu.

Export answers health condition tracking - covid-19

2.2.2 : Choose the date range for which you want to have the attendance list.

2.2.3 : The infected member(s) will be included in the dropdown menu. Select it, then click on “Export”. You will get the list of members present at the same events as the infected member.

2.2.4 : The second export option allows you to see all the answers to your members’ forms, for the selected date range.


How it works for your members

Your members will receive notifications to fill out their form before each event. They must connect to the application to fill it out and make sure that the answers add up. Here are the different possible scenarios:

  • The player may indicate his presence without filling out the form if he is not within the response time chosen in the set up (see section 1.4).
  • To indicate his presence, the player must fill out the form if he is within the response time.
  • If a player answers “Yes” to a question, his presence changes to absence and the manager is notified.


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