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The open registration facilitates coaches with the process of creating teams. The open registration option generates a link that allows communications with members so that they can join the team on MonClubSportif and enter their details. Follow this tutorial to activate it!

If your team is still not registered in the app…

Step 1 : Login to the MonClubSportif webapp, go to the “My teams” tab and click on “Create a new team”.

Desktop version - Select team creation tab

If you have not yet created your account, use our subscription form.

Step 2 : Fill out your team details and click on “Create my Team”.

Desktop version - Add team informations

Step 3 : You will now be re-directed to the start-up tutorial where you can add players to your team.
Next, select the option “Enable open registration”.

Desktop version - Step to add players

Step 4 : Select the generated link to share it with your team members.

Desktop version - Activation of open registration

Step 5 : Save your settings and finalize the tutorial steps.

NB: You can always find the open registration link in team settings at the “Management” section.

If your team is already subscribed on MonClubSportif…

Step 1 : Login to MonClubSportif and return to the “Management” section of your team.

Desktop version - Management section

Step 2 : Select the option “Activate open registration” from the “Team settings” tab.

Desktop version - Team settings tab

Step 3 : Select the generated link to share it with your team members.

Desktop version - Open registration enabled

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