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*Only those coaches who can access the management can solely activate and/or edit the team website.

Step 1: Login to the MonClubSportif web app.

Step 2: From the desired team, go to the Management section > “Team website” tab.

Desktop version - Access to team website management

Step 3: Enable the option, “Activate the team website”.

Desktop version - activate the team website

The configuration options of the website should appear as follows:

Desktop version - Team website options

Step 4: Customize the website with your sports team image:

Desktop version - Personnalize website visual

  • Public Message: Write a customized text message to display the “coach’s word” on the home page.
  • The team logo: Click on the “Add” button and select your image from one your computer files.
  • Site colour: Configure the site with your team colours by choosing one of the offered colours. The default main colour of the site is blue.
  • Public URL: If you wish, you may edit your website’s URL. The URL does not support any special characters and spaces, it should only contain letters, figures and/ or dashes.

Save your changes to view the adjustments on your team website.

Step 5: Specify the relevant content you wish to display on the website by selecting the following option(s):

Desktop version - Selection of the website content

  • Display the players tab, to activate “The team” page containing the list of all the members.
  • Display the players’ photo, to enable the use of members’ photos, particularly in “The team” page.
  • Display the matches, to add the team’s “Calendar” onto the site.
  • Display the events, to add them to the “Calendar” with the matches.
  • Display the victories and the losses of the season, to activate the “Latest results” page and display the statistics on the home page.
  • Display the contact form, to allow all internet users to contact the coach.
  • Display your sponsors, to highlight the logos of your sponsors on the home page.
    Once the option is selected, a “Sponsor” box will appear.
    Click on the “Add” button to save the sponsor’s information by entering his logo, name and eventually his website address.

    Desktop version - Add new sponsor

Save your changes to view them on your new team website.

Desktop version - Team website preview

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