Do you have a question about the MonClubSportif app or are you looking for some help regarding one of its functions but cannot find the right answer to your question in our knowledge base?

Whether you are a loyal user or simply curious to find out more about the app, our support team will be happy to answer all your questions.

Step 1: To write to us, visit our website’s contact page.

Step 2: Fill out the form including your contact information along with your message details, and then click on “Send to MonClubSportif”.

Support contact page

Step 3: Once your message is successfully sent, it will be handled within the next 48 business hours.

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  1. Rick Roubos

    The suggestion to ask a question on the Contact Us page no longer works?

    I am not a customer and am looking for more information on if monclubsportif is a good fit for our team. Can it do the following in-app?

    1. instant messaging/discussions
    2. parents able to post availability for games and practices
    3. automated importing of external team calendar(ex with the in-app monclubsportif calendar. The calendar changes throughout the season and want to to constantly be updated. Only need it to pull information from the main calendar, not push to the team calendar.
    4. share images and video

    1. MonClubSportif

      Thanks Rick for contacting us. The suggestion to ask on the Contact Us page is still working, you need to write down more than one word in order for the system to find matches with your question.
      For the rest of your comment, check your mailbox for more information.

      Best regards

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