Step 1: Congratulate yourself for being responsible and because you want to make life easier for your team and coach. Attendance management and availability is the basis of a team’s successful functioning.

Step 2: Connect and click on the “Availability” tab. You can then indicate your availability to your team’s games and events.

If you have several teams, ensure that you select the correct team in the menu above “My teams”.

Step 3: To indicate your availabilities, be sure to select the correct column; either the desired event or match, and click on the icon which is found on the same line as your name.

The availability options are the following:

  • The green checkmark indicates that you will be present.
  • The red X indicates that you will not be present.
  • The blue question mark indicates that you do not know if you will be there.
  • The grey question mark indicates that you have not yet given an answer and is therefore the default answer.

Your team’s name is written in orange at the top of the pages under the MonClubSportif logo. If you are not in the correct team, you can change it by hovering over “My teams” in the grey block at the top of the page to the right of the MonClubSportif logo. When hovering, you will see all the teams to which you belong.

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