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20 Unusual Sports That You Must Know – Part 1

Sports world Written by: Karl Demers October 2018
20 sports insolites qui manquent à ta vie – Partie 1

The human is full of imagination. It is a fact. Just look at the amount of inventions that are discovered each year. Showers with LED lights that change depending on the water’s temperature, padlocks for wine bottles and pajamas for babies that serve as a mop … In short, there is no limit and it is a reality that applies in sports too.

1. Chess-boxing

This strange sport is a blend between two opposing disciplines: chess and boxing. The fight is between two athletes and lasts 11 rounds of 3 minutes each. Thus, athletes begin with a round of chess and then fight in boxing and return to their game of chess, and this, continuously.

There are 3 ways to win a game: Put an opponent KO, defeat the other with a checkmate or if one of the two exceeds the allotted time for chess (18 minutes total).

What’s better than finding the perfect balance between physic and intellect?

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2. Swimming in the mud

Here, athletes must perform a 110 meters run in a muddy water trench. It sounds easy at first glance, but be aware that it is totally forbidden to use any type and / or traditional swimming techniques, so you have to be very creative and extremely motivated to participate to that new sport!

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3. Mascot race

Obviously, as the name suggests, you must be disguised as a mascot to participate. On the other hand, there are no predefined rules, because these races change from one event to another. Most of the time, this is an obstacle race that involves several mascots at a time, giving a show to any type of crowd.

4. «Wife-carrying» or Eukonkanto

4. Le «Wife-carrying» ou eukonkanto

This discipline was created in Finland and is performed in teams of two. Each team must contain a man and a woman and consists of an obstacles race that must be completed in the best possible time. The major difficulty is that the man must wear the woman all along the way without making her fall. So…who would you trust to try that strange sport?

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5. Baby race

Do you have a baby? This is the moment to make him/her participate at an activity at his/her level. Baby races are becoming more popular and, often, makes a lot of children and parents happy. Most of the time, the races are done on a distance of approximately 10 meters and only one rule is obligatory: It is forbidden to be standing! Otherwise, this sport is a guaranteed dose of pleasure.

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6. The «cheese rolling»

Started in England, this tradition is very popular. This unusual sport is a race that takes place on a hill and where you have to run after a round cheese of 4.1 kilograms. The goal is to catch the cheese, but as this one can reach a speed of about 110km / hour, the most realistic goal is to be the first person to arrive at the hill’s bottom. On the other hand, this sport causes a lot of injuries, so you have to practise it carefully!

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7. The «Swamp soccer»

7. Le «Swamp soccer»

This new sport is a divine mix between soccer and madness. In fact, the goal is to kick the ball and make points by throwing it into the opposing goal. On the other hand, the game is played on muddy ground and it is possible to knock down opponents. To increase the pleasure, if you attack an opponent too brutally, you must kiss his wound and continue your game with a bag on your head (for one minute only). Also, the teams are mixed, so everyone is part of the fun!

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8. The office chair race

This race, taking place in Germany, is simple: hitting a slope of 200 meters long in your favorite office chair. You can earn points for your originality, so participants are invited to excel to impress the audience. It’s a perfect activity for the dreary days at work!

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9. The Ultimate tazer ball

This unusual sport is for those who do not have cold eyes! This is a game where players have to make goals like soccer, but with a bigger ball. Very funny, but the fact that each participant has a “tazer gun” makes it more scary. Indeed, players can give shocks to their opponents to steal the ball. Fortunately, the shocks are not as intense as the police’s ones, but they are still formidable, so you must run fast.

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10. Slam ball

10. Slam ball

This new sport is an interesting mix between the popular basketball and the use of trampolines. The goal is to score points by making baskets and finishing with more points than the opposing team at the end of the game. There are 8 trampolines spread on the ground in two blocks of 4 surrounding each basket. Thus, to score points, you have to run, jump and watch your back because collisions are accepted.

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By taking a look at these strangest sports, there is no doubt, genius is very close to madness … Do not miss the second part of this article to discover 10 other unusual sports just as surprising 😉

Karl Demers

Karl Demers is the founder of MonClubSportif. From an early age, Karl has been passionate about sports, whether it's soccer, baseball, field hockey, volleyball... and the list goes on. To combine business with pleasure, Karl has been passing on his passion for 8 years now through the blogs he writes and the information he shares to simplify the lives of sports enthusiasts like himself.
Karl Demers

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