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How Music Can Improve Sports Performance?

Sports world Written by: Karl Demers October 2018
Comment la musique peut améliorer vos performances sportives?

With all the new technologies, everyone has access to music almost continuously. Indeed, it is easy to bring your headphones and cut yourself off from reality whenever you want and no matter where you are. This quickly allowed us to integrate music to another level and to add it as an habit in our life. Fortunately, the various melodies within our reach, whether rhythmic or not, have extremely beneficial effects on humans. Moreover, it can help improve sports performance as well as work and relaxation. Speaking of sports, how does sports music affect athletes?

How music affects us?

First of all, you must know that the organs of the human body all vibrate at a very particular frequency. Thus, they become sensitive to sounds of the same frequency as them and make us “feel” the music, so we do not just hear it. This is not to mention the fact that music acts directly on the brain to make it produce dopamine (stimulating effect of pleasure and satisfaction), endorphin (calming effect) and allows to reduce the rate of cortisol (decrease in stress). You will not be surprised either to learn that music, in general, improves the good mood and tempers the bad.

Obviously, the effect on the nervous system comes from the type of music you are listening to. Slower, gentler music will help manage stress, calm, concentration and sleep. Rhythmic music as sport music will improve your physical performance by increasing your exercise tolerance, reducing feelings of fatigue, and being less sensitive to pain because you will be less attentive to it.

Other factors may also influence the level of benefit provided. For example, the fact that you know the song played brings variations in its contribution. If you do not know it, it will stimulate you less, and consequently, will bring you less benefits than a melody of which you know all the words.

When I should listen to my sport music playlist?

But which moment is the best to improve sports practices through music? The answer is simple: all! Indeed, sport music does not only give you a positive effect during the performance it is quite the opposite. This is also an effective thing to use in time of mental preparation. It allows you to focus on your goal and propel your motivation. That’s why it is not uncommon to see high-level athletes listening to their headphones a few moments before their performance. Ranging from “classic” to “rap”, all styles of sport music are good for “getting into your bubble”, you just need to find yours.

As for the moments following the effort, music can have an effect on confidence, on accomplishment or, on the contrary, on relaxation, on rest and calm which is great to recover efficiently.

In short, it is good to say that you have advantage to create a sport music playlist and bring your headphones when heading to sports activities. Looking for inspiration? Our team has prepared a top 10 of our favorite workout playlists for you 🙂

Interesting fact

At the Beijing Olympic games, swimmer Michael Phelps was always listening to Lil Wayne’s song I’m Me before an event. In the NFL world, Julian Edelman particularly enjoys Young Money & Drake Trophies before entering the field. On his side, basketball player Harrison Barnes likes all the hip-hop and pop songs. The athlete playlists contain hits like Mirrors from Justin Timberlake.

Karl Demers

Karl Demers is the founder of MonClubSportif. From an early age, Karl has been passionate about sports, whether it's soccer, baseball, field hockey, volleyball... and the list goes on. To combine business with pleasure, Karl has been passing on his passion for 8 years now through the blogs he writes and the information he shares to simplify the lives of sports enthusiasts like himself.
Karl Demers

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