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Youth sports sponsorships: What is important to know

Financing Written by: Karl Demers December 2020
Demandes de commandites sportives: Ce qui est important à savoir

Sponsorships are a great way for sports teams and organizations to take the weight off their shoulders throughout the season. And contrary to popular belief, it is not mandatory to be part of a professional team to find and access sponsors. Indeed, amateur and youth teams can also be sponsored! Finding partners is a critical step that can take your organization to another level. So here’s what you need to know about your search for sports team sponsorships.

Why find sports sponsorships

Sports sponsorships allow your team and organization to not only help themselves financially but also acquire sports equipment, training equipment, etc. Several expenses are associated with a sports season. Whether it is for travel, accommodations, tournaments, uniforms, food, etc., you need to provide money. Sponsorships will help you reduce these costs not only for you but also for parents and players, who also have to spend money on your events and more. The money you save with a sponsor can be reinvested in team-building activities or player development, which ultimately can be extremely beneficial to your team’s success. So there are several benefits for your sports team, you just need to find sponsors that meet your needs and requirements.

What businesses should you target in order to get a sponsorship?

It can sometimes be difficult to find businesses that are willing to sponsor an amateur team. That said, there are signals to look for that will help you in your search for sports sponsorships and to find businesses that are more likely to agree to sponsor you.

First, try to target companies or organizations that have already sponsored sports teams or events. These companies understand the value of a partnership not only for their organization, but also for yours. So look around and see which companies that are used to sponsoring and rank these companies according to your needs.

Then, find new businesses in your area. New companies are constantly looking for opportunities to make themselves known and to put their brand forward. A partnership with a new company or a start-up represents an excellent opportunity for that business, which will gain a lot of visibility thanks to your network. In addition, it’s a great way to build a long-term relationship, since you will no doubt be one of the first teams or associations to give them an opportunity like this.

Another good place to look for sponsors is among your players’ parents! The organizations and companies that parents work for may very well be interested in sponsoring your team. Moreover, parents can be a convincing source for these companies! Some parents may also be entrepreneurs or owners of their own business. It is therefore very likely that they would be very happy to encourage their children’s team.

Demandes de commandites sportives: Ce qui est important à savoir

How to approach businesses for a sponsorship

Once you have found your ideal partner, it is time to approach them to establish the sponsorship. A simple email containing some essential and tailor-made elements for each potential partner is normally enough to get in touch. Your message should first contain information about you and your team/organization. It’s important to familiarize your potential partner with who you are and what you can bring them in terms of visibility and benefits. Next, explain why you chose them as a business and why you would want them as a partner. It’s important that the company you want to do business with sees the value of partnering with you, not only for visibility but also for the potential long-term relationship you could build.

Here is a sports sponsorship letter or email template for your sponsorship requests:


Talk to your potential partner about yourself. Highlight your values and the essential characteristics of your team.

Your contribution

Show the partner what you can bring them and how you can help them gain more visibility and grow as an organization. Also highlight the specific details of the desired partnership, such as the amount invested, the visibility actions implemented, etc.

Why us?

Let the partner know why you selected him and why you consider him a good fit for your team.


Ask the business to get in touch with you for more details or to contact you again with a call to action. It is important to encourage them to take action on your offer and you need to negotiate with them if necessary. With all that being said, you are now equipped to find great sponsorships for your sports team! Get going and good luck!

Karl Demers

Karl Demers is the founder of MonClubSportif. From an early age, Karl has been passionate about sports, whether it's soccer, baseball, field hockey, volleyball... and the list goes on. To combine business with pleasure, Karl has been passing on his passion for 8 years now through the blogs he writes and the information he shares to simplify the lives of sports enthusiasts like himself.
Karl Demers

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