10 Common Facts if You Are a Hockey Mom

Whether you are a hockey fan or not at first sight, if your kids start playing this sport, you automatically become a huge fan. That is how you slowly turn into a “Hockey Mom” as we all know them.

As a hockey mom, here are 10 famous facts that you may understand:

1. “I can’t go”

You have already refused (tons) of activities saying “I can’t, my kids have a game”.



2. Say goodbye to your personal expenses

You’ve already bought a hockey stick for your child instead of those wonderful shoes you’ve been hoping for. 



3. Work – Practice – Dinner – Sleep

Classical day: Go to work, finish work, pick up children at school, go to practice, make sure dinner is ready, put the kids to sleep … start again the next day.



4. You got everything in your purse

You always have a coat, a warm waistcoat, a blanket, gloves, a scarf and a toque in your car. Even during the summer.



5. “Let’s go”

You lose your voice at each game.



6. “A GPS, no thanks”

The path you take most often is: your house, the coffee stop, the arena.



7. “It stinks”

There is no smell like a hockey bag. Nothing is even near …



8. Never feel hungry

You always have this bag with snacks.



9. Sleeping on Sunday = Miracle!

Sleeping on weekends is only possible in your wildest dreams.



10.”I’b good!”

Overcoming the cold is an endless fight.



Let’s be honest, you really have to be crazy! But there is an eleventh point which is essential:

11. But boy do we love them!

There’s nothing like your child raising his arms, a big smile on his face because he is proud of himself and know you are too :)



Dear hockey moms, we love you!


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