MonClubSportif, an Alternative to Sporteasy

Sporteasy alternatives: Why you need MonClubSportif

As a coach, parent, player or sports association administrator, it’s hard to choose from all the team management solutions available for you. As we want to help you, we present some major differences between those softwares.


1. Pricing

An important aspect for pricing is the origin of the application. Indeed, SportEasy is a French product, while MonClubSportif is a Canadian product. In other words, the costs are not calculated in the same currency. Thus, you can use SportEasy for € 8.00 per month for a team which will cost you about $ 12.00 CAN if you are located in Canada. Conversely, you can enjoy all the features of MonClubSportif for only $ 6.00 CAD per month for a team, which amounts to € 3.97 if you are from Europe. In other words, MonClubSportif is almost 2 times less expensive.

2. Import a list of players / events calendar

MonClubSportif wants to simplify your life. That’s why we offer an import feature for your players list and your team’s calendar. These imports are 2 features very popular in our application because it helps you to save a lot of time and to avoid mistakes that cause significant inconveniences. Only a few clicks and your team will be ready and functional.

Unfortunately, SportEasy does not offer these features. So, import a list of players and a calendar with this app will require more time and patience.

3. Export a list of players / events calendar

Sometimes, do you need to have an external version of your players list / event calendar? With MonClubSportif, this is not a problem, because exporting a list of players or events calendar is also a feature available for you. As you can imagine, this is not the case for SportEasy.

4. Storage space

A team often requests to share documents such as registration forms for tournaments, authorizations or simply pictures and videos of the games. Thus, to meet this need, MonClubSportif offers unlimited storage space that will satisfy you.


All solutions have their strengths and weaknesses. Hoping that this article will guide you in your research !

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