Your children’s progress : the importance of the coach

It’s no secret that sports recruitment starts very early. As soon as a parent sees the potential in their child, they will want to give everything they have to help them achieve their goal and take their talents to the next level.

This can put a lot of pressure on children. They have to behave and work hard, even if their chances of reaching a professional level are small.

The coach plays a critical role in a player’s development.

The relationship between a coach and a young athlete is important, regardless of whether or not they practice a sport at the professional level.

A coach’s magic is that he allows children to develop both as athletes and as individuals. He is more than just a person who shows you how to stop a ball.

Here are a few aspects that a coach must have in his repertoire in order to have a positive influence on his team.

2 necessary aspects to help a young athlete’s progression

1. Involve the parents

The coach is one of the most influential people in the eyes of children after, of course, the parents.

Why not work with them?

At the beginning of the season, organize a meeting with your player’s parents. You will be able to clearly explain your vision, your expectations, and your learning methods to them.

Explain to them where you would like to take their children during the season. Beyond the victories and the points scored, it is often the pleasure and the need to be active that prevails.

It’s important to be in listening mode. Parents can offer relevant ideas and will appreciate being listened to. Don’t hesitate to ask parents to get involved throughout the season.

Not only during games and tournaments, but also when exercises to be done at home are given to your young players.

Establish rules with them, for example, to warn at least 48 hours before a practice if a player must be absent.

If a good communication system is established between the parents and the coach, it will certainly have an indirect positive impact on the player’s development.

2. Always be prepared!

“Practice as you play”. You’ve probably heard this line thousands of times.

Planning a practice or a game is THE most important thing a coach can do. You need to prepare your game plans and show the players that you are ready!

The same goes for formal documents. If you have documents for parents to sign for a tournament, you need to prepare them to make sure you don’t forget them if your mind is elsewhere.

If you find that this task is keeping you from focusing on the development of your players, there are a number of ways to deal with this problem.

You can use a sports team organization software. An application like this offers you a multitude of functionalities that will help you manage your team’s planning.

You will be able to know the exact number of players that will be present at your practice, which will allow you to plan the groups for the exercises.

It is also possible to share PDF files on the application, so you will be able to share important documents to be signed by parents and even preparation exercises to do before the next game.

Good planning allows you to focus more on your team’s goals and to concentrate on the progress of your players.

Team work makes the dream work!

These are all elements that contribute to the development of young athletes.

A coach facilitates the constant evolution of each child in a different way, which is what makes their role so important. Just like on the field, it’s a team effort which means the involvement of parents and their cooperation is essential.

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