MonClubSportif, an alternative to TeamSnap

TeamSnap alternatives: Why you need MonClubSportif

At first glance, MonClubSportif and TeamSnap are similar; they are both web and mobile applications designed to facilitate sports team management. In this case, how can you know which solution to choose? Here is a comparison that shows why.


1. Speed of navigation and loading times

Beginning our analysis of these two applications, we notice a first difference in the speed of navigation. Sections and features of MonClubSportif are instantly loaded, unlike TeamSnap that regularly displays a loading time.

Chargement de la rubrique équipe sur TeamSnap Chargement de la rubrique événement sur TeamSnap
Screenshots of TeamSnap’s mobile version

2. Price of the application

In addition to saving you time MonClubSportif saves you money too! With a base price of US $7.99 per month, that is to say a little over CA $10, the TeamSnap app is twice as expensive as MonClubSportif whose solution is offered for only CA $6.00 per month.

3. Bilingual web and mobile app

In a bilingual sports team, the use of TeamSnap may be limited for francophone members who do not speak English fluently. Indeed, the TeamSnap app was designed only in English. MonClubSportif offers a fully bilingual web and mobile application. Each member of the team can decide whether to use its features in French or English by setting the language of the app from their account. Receiving notifications in English or French, each user can choose what they prefer!

4. Fully bilingual customer support

In addition to its application, TeamSnap offers customer support in English only. Francophone members of your team are once again penalized when seeking assistance… With MonClubSportif, the language barrier does not exist. We offer customer support that is fully bilingual. The members of your sports team can contact us in both French and English; we answer them in their preferred language.

5. Trial period duration and access to application

It is always good to try a product before buying it, that’s why the MonClubSportif and TeamSnap apps both offer a free trial version for each new sports team. However, TeamSnap offers only a limited access to its app, for example you can’t use attendance management, and its trial period lasts only 21 days. For its part, MonClubSportif allows you to try its web and mobile solution in full for 30 days, so that you can realize for yourself how simple and effective it is.


All solutions have their strengths and weaknesses. Hoping that this article will guide you in your research !

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