MonClubSportif, an Alternative to Spordle

Spordle alternatives: Why you need MonClubSportif

If you manage a sports team, you have to invest a lot of time and effort: manage the calendar, discussions, attendances and much more. So by researching the easy-to-use management options available to you, you come across team management applications like Spordle and MonClubSportif. Although both applications seem to look similar at first glance, this is not the case. Here are the major points to know before making a final choice.


1. General operation

First of all, you have to know that the two applications have a totally different functioning. At Spordle, you must create an account and “follow” athletes or teams from their team’s website. In other words, the team must first have a website where it enters the information of its players and its events. After putting this information “public”, you can access it from your Spordle account if you subscribe to this player / team.

At MonClubSportif, we want to simplify your life. Thus, everything takes place in the application directly. You can create a team, add your players from their email address, add events, manage attendances, share documents and much more at the same place. That’s not all. From your account, you can manage multiple teams at once and switch from one to another in a click. No need for external site. No need to “find his players”. All of them are gathered in real time.

2. Princing

Since their operations are different, so are their costs. However, Spordle bill each of its users at a cost of $ 0.99 per month. For a soccer team, 15 players for example, it is an annual cost of $ 180. On the other hand, MonClubSportif offers a plan at $ 6 / month or  $ 60 / year, paid by the administrator only. Players do not have to pay.

You are a sports association containing several teams? MonClubSportif will adapt the price with a discount based on the number of teams you manage, because we want to allow you to access the best service for a reasonable price.

3. Free trial

Spordle offers you a free trial period just like MonClubSportif. However, with Spordle, in addition to the fact that you must enter your credit card informations to access it, you do not have access to all the features available. In other words, you could end up with an unwanted payment at the end of your 14-day trial without even having access to a “real” trial period, because you can literally do nothing apart from watching .

Our team wants to make sure you can enjoy the MonClubSportif experience. That’s why we offer a 30-day trial period, all features available, and without a credit card. Without pressure and without commitment because to try MCS, it is to adopt it!

4. Storage space

Because Spordle is for consultation purposes only, the app does not allow you to share documents, pictures and videos. Yet we know that this may be needful to have access to that feature as a team. That’s why, MonClubSportif gives you access to an unlimited storage space to share with your players and their parents all the necessary.

5. Available on mobile and desktop

To make sure our users can see the app whenever and wherever they want, we’ve optimized it for all platforms. Mobile, computer and tablet, you will have access wherever you go! The Spordle app is only available from a mobile device.


All solutions have their strengths and weaknesses. Hoping that this article will guide you in your research !

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