MonClubSportif, an Alternative to Sporteo

Sporteo alternatives: Why you need MonClubSportif

As we all know, manage a sport team takes a lot of time. Thus, several alternatives can be used to simplify your lives. Among these possibilities, you can find the Sporteo application. On the other hand, know that MonClubSportif represents an alternative of choice. We explain why by highlighting the major differences you should consider.


1. Import a players list / team calendar

Let’s get started with the two most popular features of MonClubSportif: the import of a players list and team calendar. With the players import, you don’t need to manually enter all informations like their emails, phone numbers,  jersey number, etc. You will only have a few clicks to make and all this will be saved in the team. Same thing with the calendar, a click and everything is ready. Imagine the time saved for all the teams you manage.

Unfortunately, Sporteo does not offer these import features. Thus, you will have to be patient if you decide to continue with this application.

2. Storage space

A team often requests to share documents such as registration forms for tournaments, authorizations or simply pictures and videos of the games. Thus, to meet this need, MonClubSportif offers unlimited storage space that will satisfy you.

3. App available on desktop and mobile

Sporteo is a mobile application. This is not the case for MonClubSportif, which can be used both on your mobile phone and desktop computer. Thus, it is more convenient if you do not have access to a mobile device (or one of your members) or if you have to manage several teams in the course of your work (as for a sports association).

4. Free trial

Sporteo gives you a 30-day free trial just like MonClubSportif. However, to access their trial, you will need to enter your credit card informations, which is not the case with MonClubSportif. We know that paying simply because we forgot to take out our credit card is very frustrating. As a result, MonClubSportif frees you from this unnecessary stress so you can enjoy 100% of your trial.


All solutions have their strengths and weaknesses. Hoping that this article will guide you in your research !

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At MonClubSportif, we promise you a well-designed application in constant development. Feel free to contact our team if you have any questions or if you need support for the use of our sports organization management tool!

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