MonClubSportif, an Alternative to Teamstuff

Teamstuff alternatives: Why you need MonClubSportif

You manage one or more sports teams and you want to use an application to save time and simplify your life? So, you do researches and compare the different options available for you. Consequently, let’s highlight the major differences between Teamstuff and MonClubSportif and why we are the first option to consider.


1. Pricing

To begin our comparative analysis, it is important to consider the costs of both applications. First of all, Teamstuff offers you only one option and it is an annual subscription. This subscription is $ 5.99 USD (approximately $ 8.00 CAD) per team member. Thus, the total cost per team can go up at a blazing speed. For example, for a team of 20 members (including coaches and parents) the total is close to $ 13.30 CAD per team per month or $ 160.00 CAD per year.

MonClubSportif is an application that is available for only $ 6.00 CAD per team per month or $ 60.00 annually, regardless of the number of members on the team. A big gap to consider well.

2. Import / export a list of players

One of the most popular features of MonClubSportif is the ability to import and export a list of players, because that allows you to save considerable time at the beginning of a season. You only have to make a few clicks and all your players, their email addresses, their phone numbers, their jersey number and others will be entered directly into the application. Conversely, you also have the option to create an external document if you need it for viewing and / or printing.

Unfortunately, Teamstuff does not offer this feature. Thus, if you choose to use their services, you will have to be patient and enter each player and his informations manually.

3. Application available in french

Teamstuff offers the application in French. In fact, this is a half truth, because several pages and / or sentences are not translated when you use the application or when you browse Teamstuff’s website. As a result, you may sometimes be confused if you are not bilingual. As MonClubSportif is from Quebec city, speaking in French is not a problem and we are able to offer you a bilingual application and website.

Screenshots from Teamstuff’s website

4. French customer service

Unfortunately, Teamstuff does not offer you the opportunity to answer your questions in French. Thus, if English is not one of your strengths, you may have some difficulties to understand and / or explain yourself to Teamstuff’s team. We know that this can be very frustrating, so our MonClubSportif customer service’s team will be happy to answer you in French or English, both written and spoken depending on your preferences.


All solutions have their strengths and weaknesses. Hoping that this article will guide you in your research !

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