Be a Content and Social Media Strategist at MonClubSportif,

At work, you'll :

  • Designing blog posts
  • Produce newsletters
  • Manage all social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter)
  • Set up an editorial calendar
  • Enhance frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Offer technical support and customer service of the highest quality
  • Help us give our website a facelift (including this job page)

We want you on the team if :

  • You have a bachelor's degree in communications, marketing or business administration
  • You write as well as you speak English
  • Your French is s'ua COCHE.

Which will make you the team's MVP:

  • You're 100% comfortable with community management
  • You're familiar with newsletter production software (Mailchimp, Sendgrid)
  • You're handy with Wordpress

We even offer you the BEST conditions:

  • You can telecommute and work from the Quebec City office at any time, so you won't miss any of your favorite team's games!
  • Very flexible schedule, a bit like Jonathan Quick in the 2012 series.
  • Hours dedicated to technology watch, think of it as "scouting".
  • Competitive salary and benefits, maybe not as good as Patrick Mahomes's new contract, but you'll be fine, I promise.
  • Collaborative, dynamic team (not unlike the Montreal Canadiens in the 2021 series)
  • A post-match beer for busy days.

* The masculine gender is used without discrimination and for the sole purpose of lightening the text.

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Flexible working hours


Group insurance


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