Some answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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How can MonClubSportif help me in managing my team?

MonClubSportif has advantages for most people in a team, whether your are a coach,  a manager, a trainer, a player or even a parent! For more details, please see our  Team management software features page and our About page.

What devices are supported by MonClubSportif?

MonClubSportif is available on the Web. We offer a Desktop version and a version optimized for mobile devices. Our application is also available under Android and iOS.

Who is behind MonClubSportif?

MonClubSportif is a product powered by Leonard. Our team consists of many sports enthusiasts who want to simplify life for sports teams members.

I created my team, what is the next step?

The first step is to add members to your team members under the “Roster” tab. You can invite them to join your team on MonClubSportif. Next, you will need to create events and games for your team under the schedule tab. From there, you will benefit from the most of the features offered by MonClubSportif!

The link "Dashboard" is not available, is it normal?

Yes! To make life easier for our users, they are automatically redirected to the home of their team when they are in only one team. The dashboard is a powerful tool, but it is especially useful when a user is in several teams.

How much does MonClubSportif cost?

Registration is free on MonClubSportif and every new team has a full and free 30-day trial period!

Beyond this period, using the application costs CA $6.00 per team for a regular monthly plan or only CA $60.00 per team for a regular annual plan.

For more details, visit the Pricing section.

Who pays for the subscription?

Only the owner of the team is responsible for subscription fees to MonClubSportif. The rest of the team, players and parents don’t have to pay anything!

Perfect, MonClubSportif exactly matches my needs, how can I get a regular package?

You must be the owner of the team to subscribe to a plan. In the Web application, go to “Billing”. In the “My plans” section, click on “Pick a plan” for the desired team. You can then choose a plan and fill in your billing information.

How can I cancel a regular package?

In the Web application, go under “Billing”. If you own a team, it will appear under “My plans”. Click on “Cancel subscription” link for the desired team. The subscription will expire at the end of your current payment period.

What payment methods are available?

We support payments by credit card: Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

How can I update my credit card information?

In the Web application, go to “My Account”. If you own a team, it will appear under “My plans”. Click on “Update credit card” for the desired team.