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Makes the beginning of your school easier

Makes the registration period and the management of your sports teams easier

Teams supervision

Monitor everything that happens within your teams

Centralize your tools

Use a single platform to manage all of your school teams

Simplified teams management

MonClubSportif is a 100% Quebec-based management tool you need to optimize the management of your school teams. Its use will save you time and allow you to focus on your objectives.



As a manager, you have a say in the teams to ensure that discussions between coaches, parents and players are civilized and constructive.

Online registration

Online registration

Simplify the registration period by creating custom registration forms directly on the app. You can also take advantage of the online payment platform.

Covid-19 section

Covid-19 section

Ensure the health of your players by sending them a questionnaire to fill out before the events. If it is known later that a player had Covid-19, you can export the list of players present at the same events.

Integration within the team application

Integration with the team application

Activate the synchronization module to allow your coaches to efficiently manage their team using the platform designed specifically for teams.

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