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10 «playlists» de musique de sport Spotify pour vous motiver à l’entraînement

10 Sport Music Playlists that Increase Your Motivation

As we know, training requires a good dose of motivation. That is why we decided to […]

October 2018
20 sports insolites qui manquent à ta vie – Partie 1

20 Unusual Sports That You Must Know – Part 1

The human is full of imagination. It is a fact. Just look at the amount of […]

October 2018
L’alcool et le sport, une bonne équipe: Mythe ou réalité?

Myth or Reality: Beer and sports, a good team

For a long time, there has been a debate between those who think that drinking after […]

October 2018
Comment la musique peut améliorer vos performances sportives?

How Music Can Improve Sports Performance?

With all the new technologies, everyone has access to music almost continuously. […]

October 2018
Histoire de la ringuette

Ringette’s History

But today, let’s talk about a sport that was exclusive to women: ringette. Where […]

January 2017
MonClubSportif, une alternative à TeamSnap

MonClubSportif, an alternative to TeamSnap

At first glance, MonClubSportif and TeamSnap are similar; they are both web and […]

February 2016
Les qualités clés d’un bon entraîneur sportif : Comment reconnaître l’entraîneur idéal

The top qualities of a good sports coach

As manager of a sports team, you will absolutely need to find an excellent coach for […]

June 2014