MonClubSportif, the perfect basketball management software for your club!

MonClubSportif is a sport application that allows you to manage your teams and its members in a simple and fast way. As easy as can be!

A software designed for your needs

The MonClubSportif application was created to reduce the problems encountered by the members of a basketball club.  Its use will allow you to optimize your time & focus on your personal and team goals.

Discover our features

MonClubSportif makes communication easier with coaches, which is a great pleasure for parents. Find the personal information of all the members of your basketball association, so you can reach them more quickly if necessary.

 MonClubSportif for parents

 MonClubSportif for the players

The application is an ideal way to optimize communication between coaches and players. In case of absence or health problems, they will be able to quickly notify their coaches through MonClubSportif.

Useful features to manage your basketball club

MonClubSportif's goal is to offer you a tool that will meet your daily needs as a sport director, coordinator, coach, parent and player. Learn more about our main useful features that will surely help you take advantage of them during your experiences on the field.

The availability management module

Confirm to your coach that you will be attending practices and games directly on the application. You can also mention the reason for your absence. With the availability management module, the coach can know the number of players that will be present and try to contact substitutes when necessary.

Benefits for your basketball club

To promote healthy communication within your teams

It's the end of endless emails that fill your inbox and the many phone calls that make your ears hurt when a game is cancelled. It’s possible to notify your basketball club members directly from the app.

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MonClubSportif is a sports association management application based on human values and a desire to make your sports experience even more satisfying. We care about sport and everything related to it. Parents, players, coaches, technical directors and volunteers are at the heart of our decisions when it is time for our team to create a new function. We are always working to offer you an innovative and modern sports team management application, to allow you to maximize your time and enjoy every moment on the court.

Steve - Vice President of a basketball association

"We have greatly reduced our management time for each of our teams. The function to notify all members of a cancellation (example : rain) is really a big plus. We can focus on developing high quality programs"

Sports organizations, happy to use MonClubSportif!

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For attendance monitoring

With the availability management tool, you will know how many players will be present at your next game or practice.  You will be able to find substitute players if needed.

To send documents or exercises

Use the application to attach relevant information documents to parents. Encourage players to practice their technique remotely by uploading PDF exercise sheets directly into the application.

To find substitutes quickly

With the application, finding players or volunteers to replace a player at tournaments has never been easier! You will save time because you will be able to send them a message directly from the application.

Discussion Platform

The “discussions” module provides a messaging platform for players, parents and coaches. With this tool, they can communicate with each other directly from the application. You will find the contact information for each member of your association in the application.

En réponse à la Covid-19, MonClubSportif présente la fonction « santé », pour suivre l’état de santé des joueurs. Les joueurs doivent répondre à un questionnaire personnalisable, qui déterminera s'ils peuvent participer ou non à un événement. L’entraîneur pourra aviser les équipes si un joueur contracte la Covid-19.

Players can confirm their attendance at practices and games from the application. When absent, they will be able to mention the reason. The coaches will receive a notification informing them of the situation. Knowing exactly which players will be present or not will allow the coaches to try to find substitutes or adapt their practice schedule.

Availability management tool

The "discussion" tab allows to send messages to teams or players. Parents can also communicate with other parents. Coaches won't need to know all the email addresses, all the information they will need to communicate with members within the association will be available in the software.

Messaging platform

Events calendar

Coaches can also import an Excel file and add recurring events to your calendar. Parents and players will be able to synchronize the season's calendar with their personal calendar. They will also be able to consult the calendar available in the application to be up to date with the practice and game schedules.

Share statistics

Coaches will be able to keep track of soccer team’s and player’s statistics throughout the season. They will see which players were the most present during the season and take the opportunity to reward their efforts at the end of the season. Players will also be able to follow their own personal evolution.

Players database

Coaches will get quick access to the profile of each player on all of your teams. They will be able to find their contact information, as well as their parents or guardians so you can reach them in case of an emergency. It is also possible to hide information to protect your soccer team member’s data.

Follow the health condition of your players

In response to Covid-19, MonClubSportif introduces the "Covid-19" function, to monitor the health status of your players. Players must answer a customizable survey, which will determine whether or not they can attend an event. The coach will be able to notify the teams if a player contracts Covid-19.

MonClubSportif, the perfect basketball management software for you club!

MonClubSportif is a sports application that allows you to manage your teams and their members in a simple and fast way. As easy as can be!

Event calendar

Synchronize the season calendar with your own personal calendar. Look at the calendar of your upcoming events in the application to not miss anything during the season. To fill your team calendar, you can import an Excel file and add recurring events in no time.

Statistics board

Track your basketball club's statistics as the season progresses. See which players have performed best during the season and which have been the most consistent. You'll be able to reward the most deserving players at the end of the season!

Your team’s profiles

Find  all the information to be able to contact your players and their parents under their individual profiles. It is also possible to hide confidential data to ensure the protection of your basketball team players' information.

To ensure the safe continuation of sports, this module allows coaches to monitor the health of players. Players must complete a customizable form to determine whether or not they are eligible to participate in a practice or game. The coach can notify members if a case arises

The “Covid-19” module


Fewer Excel files to manage


Management hours saved each season

Fewer volunteers to recruit


Fewer Excel files to manage


Management hours saved each season

Fewer volunteers to recruit