10 Sport Music Playlists that Increase Your Motivation

As we know, music is a very useful tool for improving your sports performance. Thus, depending on your tastes and objectives, it is possible to enhance your experience by adding appropriate music. This is not to mention the fact that the cardio seems 100 times longer in a silence of torture … You agree?

As we know, training requires a good dose of motivation. That is why we decided to share you several sport music playlists available on Spotify. Hoping that these will help you stay motivated.

Top 10: Sports music playlist

1.  The Rock Workout

You like to practice on the best Rock songs? Here is the playlist for you! From Red Hot Chili Peppers to AC / DC through Gorillaz, you’ll be delighted by the titles you’ll find there.

2. Classic Rock Workout

You have a «Rock style» too, but you have been attached to real classics like Van Halen’s “Jump or Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way? No problem, there are songs that will make you extremely happy here.

3. Throwback Workout

You’re not against Rock, but you feel like it is… ancient music? Nothing gives you more pleasure than the good hits of the 2000s? Ah “Temperature” by Sean Paul … “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child … “Hot In Herre” by Nelly … No longer able to keep calm? Let’s be honest, no one can resist “Low” T-Pain. This is the sport music playlist to try.

4. Extreme Metal Workout

“What? People are able to train on ballads like AC / DC? They should listen to sounds of rain and waves then”… You are the kind of person who must “feel” the music in your entire body. You could pronounce those words: “Metal is the only music that makes me vibrate”! Guess what … Spotify did not forget you! Take a look and you will not be disappointed.

5. Punk Rock Workout

Blink-182, The Offsping, Fall Out Boy and Green Day are the only ones that really marked you? You have Punk Rock tattooed on your heart? Spotify has it too and it has not forgotten you in its sport music playlist’s choices.

6. Indie Workout

There are some people who like indie here? Spotify offers you a playlist of guaranteed fun with titles like “Heads Will Roll“, “The Heat” and “Gotta Get Away“.

7. EDM Workout

You are passionate about music with “beat”? You have a happy heart listening to Martin Garrix, ARTY, R3HAB or Mike Williams? This playlist will give you the energy you need to reach your goals. Be careful not to hurt yourself with your headbanging!

8. Hip Hop Workout Mix

You are more “hip-hop style”? You like to feel the energy of the singers and let yourself be carried by it? Names like Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West and Drake await you in this awesome sport music playlist.

9. R&B Workout

You can not detach from the great R & B singers such as Ne-Yo with “Miss Independent“, Beyoncé with “Crazy In Love” or Usher with “Yeah!“? This playlist is definitely a must for your workout session.

10. Epic Workout

You like to make new discoveries and like “cheerful and promising” style songs? You will be served with titles that will make you have a good time in your training.

That’s all! You are now ready to face your famous cardio session or simply motivate yourself when you lack courage. Write us in the comments what are your favorite sport music playlists or, do better, share it!

Also, if you want to know more about the benefits of music during sport session, we recommend this article: How sport music can help you move? 


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