20 Unusual Sports That You Must Know – Part 2

As we saw in the first part of “20 Unusual Sports That You Must Know“, humans are very creative when it comes to creating unusual sport activities. We do not surprise you by telling you that the next 10 sports are all as interesting as the first ones! In what kinds of madness did our inventors went this time? Time to discover it:

1. Sepak takraw

This new sport is similar to volleyball because it involves passing a ball between two teams and scoring points when it touches the opponent’s ground. Three contacts are allowed between the 3 teammates of each team who take place at the same time on the ground which is, itself, separated by a net. The major difference between the two sports is that the arms and hands are totally forbidden, so you have to use the feet, head, knees or other to play. Also, the same player can make 2 contacts in a row without being penalized so it leads to different plays. It’s definitely a strange sport that promises.

sepak trakaw

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2. Underwater hockey

Yes, you read correctly, there is ice hockey, field hockey, street hockey and… underwater hockey! This version is played in a pool where players must, in apnea, push a puck in the opponent’s goal as the traditional game. However, in this version, we find 6 participants per team on the “field” and there are only 2 periods of about 10 minutes each. Are you ready to put on your flippers and get in the pool to play at that new sport?

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3. Disc golf

This unusual sport follows the same rules as traditional golf, except the fact that the ball is replaced by a smaller and heavier frisbee-like disc. Also, the holes are replaced by disc “baskets” where the discs can be thrown. This is a fast growing sport and you will undoubtedly hear more about it in the years to come.

In Quebec city, you can play here: http://adgq.org/

disc golf

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4. Underwater rugby

This is a new sport that is played in apnea just like underwater hockey. The goal is to score in the opposing basket with a waterpolo ball filled with salt water (which allows it to sink). Both teams put 6 players at the time and have the ability to make unlimited changes. Also, the ball carrier can be grabbed, which gives a formidable contact sport. Do you think you have the right breath?

In Quebec city, you can play here: http://camo-sous-marin.com/site/

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5. Dodgebow 

Here is a unusual sport combining dodgeball and paintball. You like adrenaline? The dodgebow is a sport where you have to eliminate the entire opposing team on a field containing obstacles. Your goal may be to steal enemy flags, steal players from the opposing team or other depending on the mode. Eliminating an opponent can be done by touching it with an arrow that you threw. A good way to achieve your dream and look like Katniss Everdeen in real life.

In Quebec, you can play with a business situated in Montreal city called Dodgebow. Learn more about their services here: https://www.dodgebow.ca/en/ 

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6. Quidditch

Your dream has been realized, you can now play the famous game from Harry Potter’s universe. Real life Quidditch is very similar to the movie except the flying brooms (unfortunately). The goal is to finish the game with more points than the opposing team. Points are gained when you pass the quaffle into one of the opponent’s rings (10 points) or when the seeker manages to steal a small ball from the enemy runner (30 points). If that happens, it automatically ends the game. Obviously, that muggle’s version is a new sport that is very interesting. 


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7. The padel

The padel is an unusual sport approaching tennis, but where the field is smaller (20 meters long and 10 meters wide) and is surrounded by walls. It must be played in a team of 2, and the points are calculated the same way as tennis. However, unlike tennis, rebounds on the walls can be used to score squash-like points. It is definitely a sport that offers unexpected plays.

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8. Bossaball 

Bossaball is a strange sport played on an inflated field especially designed for this sport. It is composed of an area surrounded by “bossawalls” walls and another that is a trampoline where players can jump to try to score points in the enemy zone. The exchanges consist of 8 possible contacts with all parts of the body between 3 to 5 teammates. You score a point if the ball falls into the allowed enemy zone just as volleyball.

In Quebec city, you can play with iBossaball. You are not in Quebec city? They can move to join you! Look at their website to learn more about their services: http://www.ibossaball.ca/

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9. Bo-taoshi

Born in Japan, this unusual sport requires 2 huge teams or 150 people each. Thus, half of each team is in defense and the other half in attack. The goal of the game is to knock down the opposing team’s pole perpendicular or lower than 30 degrees (relative to the ground). This game leads to a show that has a “king of the mountain” style that will not disappoint you.


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10. Yugikassen

This new sport is, in fact, a huge snowballs battle. Indeed, Japan was the first to introduce rules and to make counted matches of this sport. Each team has 7 players and they must avoid being eliminated by an enemy snowball. This activity takes place on a field provided for this purpose and it is possible for each team to prepare 90 snowballs in advance to attack their opponents. Why not give it a try during the winter season?

In Quebec city, you can play here: http://yukigassenquebec.com/

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So, would you like to give a try to these unusual sports in you life? We challenge you to try at least 3 of them! 😎


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