5 youth sports fundraising ideas for your club during the pandemic

With team sports and some individual sports on hold due to COVID-19, sports organizations and clubs are struggling. Organizations need to find funding. Traditional financing such as tournaments and registrations are currently impossible to exploit.  They must therefore be as creative as ever with their funding methods. Here is our list of 5 fundraising ideas during COVID for sports associations.

5 youth sports fundraising ideas for your club during the current pandemic

  • 1. Enter a partnership with a local business
  • 2. Organize events in your sports facilities’ parking 
  • 3. Put an exterior tournament in place in partnership with your town
  • 4. Coordinate a “webinar and dinner” with a professional 
  • 5. Offer workers to local businesses in need

1. Enter a partnership with a local company

Many local businesses are going through difficult times right now. Why not stick together and partner with a local company that could use visibility? Don’t underestimate the reach your organization has. All of your past and present members know and respect you. A recommendation from you has great value.  Whether it’s a restaurant, a shop, etc., selling their products to parents and partners of your association is an original fundraising idea that could greatly help you while supporting a local business!

2. Organize events in your sports facilities’ parking

Use the space next to your sports facilities to create an outdoor event that respects social distancing. For example, after having discussed with the city and the police about the necessary safety measures, set up a garage sale or a corn roast that respects the sanitary measures! Plus, with your mask, people won’t see corn between your teeth! Guaranteed fun for participants and an effective way for you to raise money!

3. Put an exterior tournament in place in partnership with your town

Outdoor rinks are under construction and outdoor hockey is fast approaching. Obviously, there will be measures put in place by the cities that will impact the structure of events. Why not organize an outdoor hockey tournament in partnership with your city to raise money for your organization? It’s also a great opportunity, for example, for Tim Hortons to offer coffee and hot chocolate!

Kids from your town can register their team for a fixed cost and participate in the tournament. You can also determine a prize for the winning team along the way. Do not hesitate to contact companies that sell sporting goods. The visibility you offer them is way worth the sticks and skates they’ll offer!

Also, it doesn’t have to be just hockey, you can organize a soccer tournament, or baseball, spikeball, etc. Just follow the sanitary instructions. It all depends on your expertise, your participants, your facilities, and of course the outside temperature.

4. Organize a “webinar and dinner” with a professional

During the pandemic, you may sometimes run out of ideas for daily activities. Why not take advantage of the fact that people stay at home to offer a paid webinar with a sports professional, be it an athlete, a coach, a physiotherapist, etc.? In addition, you could offer the participants supper by delivering their food at home. They could enjoy listening to your exciting video conference! A delicious 2-in-1 for participants!

5. Offer workers to local businesses in need

Since minor sports are put on hold for now, young people do not have to go to games/practices, etc. Your players and their parents definitely have more free time. Many local businesses would be very happy and grateful to have additional workers and helpers these days. Send your young players, accompanied by supervisors, to give a few hours a week to help local businesses. In exchange, businesses can give you a fixed amount or products that young people can resell. This is not only a great and original fundraising idea to fund your club, but also to help your community. It’s important to stick together during these challenging times!


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