The Consumption of Brown Bullhead Would Improve Diving Skills, According to a Study

The Brown Bullhead

Have you ever heard of the brown bullhead? It is a fish that belongs to the catfish family and is predominantly brownish to yellow in color. Its body without scale has a fairly massive shape where you can find darker spots. One of the peculiarities of this fish is that it has four “whiskers” on the edge of the mouth. It is also one of the characteristics that differentiates it from others in the eyes of all. Although it is a fairly common fish and looks ordinary at first sight, did you know that, according to a study, the consumption of it would significantly improve diving sports skills? Learn more about this feature here.

Indeed, according to scientists, the fact that brown bullhead is a fish without scales, the fish is brought to produce an oil making his body smoother. This oil allows a good flow of the water on its sides and ensures a better fluidity.

Barbotte brune améliore les performances sportives

Brown Bullhead

A consumption that improves your sports performance?

When this oil is consumed in the human diet, it would improve diving sports performance. How? They say oil would allow the human body to secrete the amount of oil consumed by the skin pores and to enable the same effect of fluidity at water’s contact.

In other words, people who practice diving would enter the water more fluidly and be able to do less unwanted water splashing. A simple way to make a better impression in front of the judges!

Warning, to have the desired effect and improve sports performance, it would be necessary for the diver to eat 5 to 7 servings of brown bullhead per week. Obviously, it’s not for everyone.

Use in official diving competitions

Unfortunately for divers, this practice is prohibited in official competitions because it would significantly improve the sporting abilities in this sport.


… Take care, because you’ve just been the target of an April Fool joke! 😉 Indeed, no studies have been done on the brown bullhead and diving and it is ABSOLUTELY NOT recommended to eat that fish 5 to 7 times a week. The best way to improve your diving performance is still good practice and a lot of determination!


Happy April Fool 2019! 🐟


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