Exercise routine at home: How to stay motivated

With the closure of training centers and gyms, exercising at home has become the primary way to stay fit. With that being said, it’s sometimes difficult to stay motivated when you have to train exclusively at home. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of tips to help you stay motivated so that you keep getting fit at home.

6 tips and tricks to implement in your home workout routine

  1. Make a training” corner
  2. Create a motivating training playlist
  3. Use training apps
  4. Implement online training into your routine
  5. Vary your exercises!
  6. Setting Goals

Without further ado, let’s see together how to implement each of these tips!

1. Make a training corner

When training at the gym, you have access to a complete training area with loads of equipment at your disposal. At home, this is difficult to achieve, sometimes even impossible. However, making a small gym environment in your house with some training equipment can bring the gym to you. It can help establish a routine and create a motivating environment to exercise at home.

Moreover, you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to have an adequate training corner. Basic exercise equipment such as weights, mats, and elastics are enough to create your active space. Feel free to be creative, you can even use objects that hang around the house like old paint buckets. Here are some ways to do your very own gym corner without breaking the bank.

2. Create a motivating training playlist

There’s nothing better for motivation during physical activity than a catchy playlist! Moreover, it’s proven that listening to music during exercise improves performance. Whether it’s in your headphones or on your sound system, inspiring training music is an additional source of motivation and will put you in the mood.

To inspire you, here are our team’s 10 favorite workout playlists! If you prefer, it’s possible for you to create your own playlists with your favorite songs! Don’t forget to get your neighbours earplugs, especially if it’s during your morning exercise routine!

3. Use training apps

Although it’s easy to get a workout program at the gym, it can be difficult to prepare complete ones at home. This reality can greatly affect your motivation. If this is the case for you, an app would be an ideal option! Not only will you be able to do effective workouts, but you will also be able to track your results and your progress! Discover a range of free training apps, such as Fitness Buddy and MyFitnessPal..

4. Implement online training into your routine

Online workouts are a great way to motivate yourself and vary your daily workouts. Several gyms offer online training, sometimes even free of charge, depending on the type of training and the reputation of the person or company offering it.

There are several online platforms that offer numerous videos and programs that fit your needs. Obviously, preparing personalized and adapted training programs is an art that requires proper formation and knowledge. In this case, if you’re a little less comfortable, home workout videos are a great motivating and interactive option.

5. Vary your exercises!

In order to keep your motivation at a high level, it’s important that you vary your exercises at home. Instead of staying indoors today, why not go jogging around your neighborhood? An outdoor gym near your place? Go take a look!

There are also several options for winter, whether it’s going skating, cross-country skiing, etc. Besides, you can use the winter to your advantage! There are several physical activities that you can do during the wintertime that will help you stay in shape! Adding variations to your workouts will help you be more motivated and avoid constant repetition in your routine.

6. Setting Goals

It’s easy to lose your motivation when you train without any real direction. By setting specific goals that are measurable and achievable, you will be more motivated to keep a fixed and consistent schedule for your exercises at home.

Your goals will help you stay disciplined and responsible with your training schedule. In addition, achieving or exceeding the goals you have set for yourself will push you to go above and beyond! Do not hesitate to identify several objectives that are simpler to achieve and to review and change them each time you reach one.

It’s motivating to see your progress and to celebrate that progress. Each goal achieved deserves to be highlighted, so congratulate yourself, you deserve it!


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