How to Achieve a Free Throw – Basketball Shooting Tips

Being a good basketball counter is a big plus when you want to stand out. Take Stephen Curry as an example: he can score from anywhere on the field and that’s what makes him a future Hall of Famer. The question is: How to get better at shooting? Obviously, like everything else, it requires a lot of practice, time and determination. Here are some good tips/steps to follow to achieve the perfect basketball free throw.

Basketball Shooting Fundamentals

1. Position your body well

A good position is the base. Start by spreading your feet to the width of your shoulders, then slightly advance the foot of your strongest side forward. Some people prefer to set an angle from the basket to be more comfortable, but this is not necessary. You can perform some attempts and see what you prefer by practicing.

2. Flex knees

Flexing your knees allows you to give yourself power when it comes to running your free throw, but it also helps your balance which is important when you make a shot at the basket. Often, smaller people will tend to bend more to get more power, while taller one will need less. Again, you will have to do some tests to find the best solution for you. Once you know it, it will be important to repeat it in each of your throws.

3. Hold the ball

Once your body is well positioned and ready, you will have to work to hold the ball well. For maximum strength, place your strong hand under the ball by extending your wrist and align your elbow perpendicular to the ground. Then, hold the ball with the other hand extended to one side. This one will allow you to direct your trajectory at the time of your free throw.

4. Analyze your goal

Before throwing, be sure to look at your goal. You have two options: aim at the board to make a rebound basket or score directly in the ring. Obviously, this choice will depend on your location on the field. On the other hand, at the beginning, practice close from the basket and concentrate on the ring until having a certain facility before changing your angles of fire.

5. Perform the free throw

Once well positioned and focused on your goal, you can try a shot. To do this, propel yourself upward by unfolding your knees while raising your arms to the height of your head or higher if this is more comfortable for you. Just before reaching your maximum height, throw the ball at your target by unfolding your wrist. Make sure you have a smooth movement and absolute control throughout it. Finally, finish by accompanying the ball with an extension of the arm until it completely leaves your hand.

6. Repeat, repeat and repeat

Everything happens very quickly and simultaneously, but with a little practice, you will be able to do it. So, after learning the techniques, you will have to repeat the movements until your muscles know them by heart.

7. Be proud of yourself!

Don’t be rude to yourself and congratulate yourself when you get to score a basket by a free throw. You will be more confident as well and your progress will be more effective over time.

Good practice to all!


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