The importance of eating well before training

By car, it does not go very far with an empty tank… and the same goes for the human body! If you want to have the necessary energy for intensive sports training, better fill the tank. Beware, however, it takes a good quality of gas.

Planning and always planning the sports nutrition

Oh Yes, the watchword, here is again planning. First of all, gotta know your nutritional needs, to manage your calorie intake before and after each sporting session. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for this calculation and the best thing to do is to consult a professional in sports nutrition. From the moment where you know the amount of carbohydrates and protein which you need to refuel, it is much easier to plan meals and snacks as a result.

Before, During and After

Despite all what you may hear about the sport on an empty stomach, go to train with an empty stomach is a great idea to suffer from discomfort during practice. What is more, we are willing to bet that any sports club manager will find not very funny to have to rebuild one of his players because he didn’t take the snack.

You must also stay hydrated during the session. If the effort lasts less than an hour, you should drink enough water to avoid a decrease in the performance, or worse, a dehydration, . It is even more important when you train in the heat. If the effort lasts more than an hour, it is important to think about your contribution in carbohydrates and mineral salts. It is here that the sports drink comes in. Obviously, it must contain a good proportion of carbohydrates and minerals, and its taste should be enjoyable, because otherwise, it might be difficult to drink enough to stay hydrated.

When the competition ends, everyone is exhausted, and often it happens that we have much more desire to go sit to eat. However keep in mind the power of recovery is as important as the meal or snack pre-workout. It is very important to redo its energy reserves and to give his body everything it needs to repair its tissues.

Stress and hunger before a competition

Before a sporting competition, many people are unable to swallow anything. It is very important to have gassed. We can then adapt its chowing down small amounts at a time and diet by choosing foods with texture we like. In fact, many find that semisolid foods (like fruits compote) are easier to digest before strenuous activity. In addition, avoid to try new foods before a competition. Since you never know how the digestive system will react to the news, it is better to do its tests after training to see what works or not.

Talk about it!

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About MonClubSportif

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