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We all know that managing a sports organization can sometimes be complicated. It requires a lot of organization to be able to set everything up, this is particularly true during the beginning of the season.

Insufficient budgets and struggling to find enough volunteers tend to be the top 2 issues that coaches or program coordinators face in their jobs.

Today MonClubSportif will show you how its app can give you the best tools to help you better respond to these needs.

1. Lack of funding

Funding for sports organizations is an ongoing challenge. 32% of coaches point out that funding is also one of the major issues in managing a sports organization.

For a coach to develop his players well, it takes the necessary resources. Without funding, it can be more difficult and, in the long term, it can have a significant negative impact on the organization.

In the current period, when collective sports are put on hold, it can be even more complex for a sports association to find funding.

Solutions & Benefits

Unfortunately, there is no secret recipe for more funding. You also shouldn’t hold dozens of fundraising events per year.

Try to find activities that are out of the ordinary. Golf tournaments or spaghetti dinners are very popular activities, but not very original and attract fewer and fewer people.

Don’t hesitate to reinvent yourself with new activities.

The quality of the activities selected will be beneficial to your organization. Obviously, it is by varying your fundraising activities that you will have results.

By reducing your workload for administrative tasks, you can put more time into organizing fin and original fundraising events.

2. Volunteers

For a sports association, it can be very difficult to find volunteers. They are pearls who give their time for the players, the organization, and for the pleasure of sport.

Building a large network of volunteers can be difficult, and when it comes to finding replacement volunteers at a sporting event, it can be very challenging.

Solutions & Benefits

It is important to value the work of your volunteers and to establish a positive atmosphere throughout the already established network. They must have a sense of belonging to the association.

The use of a private Facebook group is always a great way to maintain engagement among volunteers.

Preparing thank you activities at the end of the season is also a good technique for a sports organization to show its gratitude to them.

Of course, good communication is always preferable to foster the development of a volunteer network.

The use of a sports association app, which offers a simple communication platform, is certainly to be considered in order to retain relationships with volunteers.

With MonClubSportif, you will be able to create a team with only volunteers, assign them to events, and let them communicate with each other.

By having a sense of belonging and recognition, volunteers will be more interested in participating in various sporting events.

Private Facebook groups for volunteers only will allow them to communicate directly with each other to find replacements when needed.

It will also remove that responsibility from other members of the organization, such as coaches.

Can the management of a sports association really be simple?

The answer is YES!

We all know that organizing the logistics of a sporting association is time consuming work.However, with the right tools in hand, you can greatly reduce your workload.

With this pandemic almost behind us, sporting activities are starting back up and you will soon have to find fundraising activities to support your sports association.

No need to choose a dozen, just pick 2-3 that will catch your network’s eye.

Don’t forget to recognize your volunteers’ work, they’ll be much more likely to come back for another year if they feel that their work is valued and they made a difference!

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