Some new updates are now on MonClubSportif…

Some of you may have already noticed, we’ve introduced several updates at MonClubSportif. With the aim of constantly facilitating your exchanges with the team, discover these various new features added to the app:

Redesigning discussions

Redesigning discussionsOwing to your needs, we’ve updated the discussion system. In addition to communicating with your team, you can now create private discussions with a simple click on the recipient of your messages.

See how to initiate a discussion on MonClubSportif: Desktop versionMobile version

We have also added a new search option allowing you to find your discussions with just one click!

Open registrations

Open registrationsThe MonClubSportif application was developed aiming at making life simpler for coaches and to strengthen the team spirit off the field. And thus our most recent upgrade serves to achieve this objective.

Through the open registration, players can now get involved in the creation of the team on MonClubSportif and gain more time to develop your game strategies.

See how to activate the open registration: Desktop versionMobile version

Many more updates are yet to come, so stay connected with MonClubSportif and be the first to get informed…

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At MonClubSportif, we promise you a well-designed application in constant development. Feel free to contact our team if you have any questions or if you need support for the use of our sports organization management tool!

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