New on the app : the player assignment feature 

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You asked for it, here it is: THE NEW ASSIGNMENT FEATURE!!!!🥳

That’s right, now you can assign players from your teams to different sporting events.

What is the assignment feature all about?

This new, easy-to-use feature allows a coach to select a certain subset of players from a team to assign them to different events. 🤼

On the field:

Jack has been coaching soccer for 8 years and uses MonClubSportif for 3 teams of 20 U12 players. Due to the pandemic, it has become more difficult to manage as he has to limit the number of players in each game.

When he creates an event, a notification is sent to all players, even when their attendance is not required. This creates a lot of confusion for parents.

How can MonClubSportif’s assignment feature help Jack?

It’s the beginning of the season and Jack need to create his schedule to plan his practices and games.

He doesn’t want every player to be notified for every event, so he uses the assignment feature to summon players based on practices, games and weeks. 📆

soccer coach with players

What are the benefits of this new feature for my team?

We think this new addition to the app is a real game changer for coaches!

Assignment allows coaches to easily create events with different players at each meet. They can even choose to send out an invitation to reserves to cover for a player cancellation!

For the association manager, it is also possible to assign an event to a coach.

Also, no more notifications when you are not invited to an event, as only people who are assigned to an event receive a notification with the details! 📲

This will definitely help ease communication between coaches and players, but also greatly reduce misunderstandings with parents!

MonClubSportif is simple and effective!

How do I use the assignment function?

To use the assignment tab, you need to add a game or an event as you normally do.

Once the event is created, you will notice that a new step has been added.

Step 1: From the “calendar” tab click on the top right corner to add an event or match.
Step 2: Enter the usual event information and click on “Next”.
Step 3: Assign players, coaches and reserves to this event and click “save”!

New tool on a sports team app

It’s as simple as that!

It is also possible to assign players directly to an event by clicking on a player’s name and selecting the event you wish to assign them to.

A player who is invited to an event will receive a notification with the details of the event.

If a reserve player is invited to a match, they will receive an invitation with the details of the event as well.

MonClubSportif prepares for the return of sports!

One thing is for sure, this is the perfect feature to help you prepare for the return to sports!

No more stacks of paper to assign players and no more misunderstandings with parents, just use MonClubSportif!

You’ll have peace of mind in addition to saving time, so you can focus your attention on what’s happening on the field!⚽️


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