New: Your public sports team website!

The MonClubSportif team is proud to introduce you to its latest feature: the Team website!

We know that the success in a sports team lies on the players’ mentality as much on their physicality. And who better than family and friends can motivate a team on the field?

Thanks to this new feature, MonClubSportif now offers the opportunity for all its teams to gather around their supporters by publishing their sports updates.

Through this customizable and user-friendly website, families and friends of all players can thus view:

  • The list of all team members and their photos
  • Matches and events schedules
  • Details on meeting areas
  • The team’s latest results and its statistics
  • The list of sponsors
  • And much more!

How to create the team website

Through team management, coaches have access to the configuration options. With just a few easy clicks, they can add their team logo, select the site colour, customize its URL address and specify the content that he wishes to publicize.

For more details on configuring the team website, follow the tutorial, now available on our knowledge base.

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