Pay your sports registration fees easily with MonClubSportif! 

What better way to save time than by paying your sports registration fees online?


With the new platform for sports associations, not only has the registration form been simplified, but also the payment process.

MonClubSportif allows coaches to create registration forms adapted to different age categories and levels of play.

These forms are 100% customizable and allow team or association managers to choose what information they want from parents during the registration process.

The advantage behind the addition of this new platform?

Online payment is now available!

No more mailed checks that don’t reach their destination, say hello to fast and secure payment!

Online payment at last

The  registration form enables organizations to seamlessly collect payments from parents lifting the load off the sports association managers.

Depending on the different sections created in the form by the association, parents will also be able to pay for equipment at the same time if necessary.

Entitled to a promo code because you have 3 children playing in the same organization?

Define a promotion on registration

The discount will be automatically applied at the time of payment.

Nothing could be simpler. No calculator is needed, parents only have to take care of the final payment!

They will be able to choose to pay directly online or on site according to the organization’s instructions.🧾

Keep track of payments

Of course, this will allow sports organizations to avoid chasing payments from parents. There will be far fewer delays due to this new feature.

By accessing the organization module, team managers will have access to all of their teams and categories to see active and inactive registrations.

They will also be able to see the total number of registrations that have been paid by members to date.

It’s an easy way to keep track of how many registrations have been completed so far.

Add more fees

Pay quickly with MonClubSportif!

Coaches will save time and technical directors will be happy to have such efficient tools in hand!

Excel files to check off whose payment has been made are no longer! You will find the history of all payments in one place!

Don’t wait any longer, MonClubSportif is the solution you need!

Register your sports association today!


MonClubSportif is a sports team management application that helps teams get organized and communicate efficiently by centralizing all the important information in one place and automating different processes.

We facilitate the daily lives of 195 000 users already! Will you be the next one?

Check out our sports team organization for both sport associations and schools.


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