Probase: The Revolutionary Driveway Basketball Hoop

Concrete blocks, sand, water, everything can be used to hold a basketball hoop. In addition, with the summer’s arrival, it’s time to start thinking about it. On the other hand, did you know that there was a new way to hold your basket that is not only safer, but takes less time to install? Even your lawn can benefit!

Probase: The Revolutionary Base

We found you a little gem, a new tool that takes only a few minutes to install: The Probase. Okay, but what is it? The Probase is a metal base in which you can introduce your outdoor basketball pole. In other words, it is a base that does not leave a huge square of yellow turf at the end of the summer, which does not need to be secured by concrete blocks and is even safer because it can support a higher weight than most basketball bases. You want to dunk? No problem, it will put up (it can support 550 lbs and we agree, it’s very impressive).


In addition, it has a feature that we like a lot: It can be rotated 180 degrees if you need to move it. A big vehicle keeps you from playing? Turn the base and start having fun again!


How do you get yours ?

You see, this is clearly the perfect base for all outdoor basketball fans! Now that we’ve convinced you, all you have to do is visit the Probase basketball website to get yours: Basketball Probase 

Otherwise, you can try to win your Probase by participating at our contest on Facebook! Sign up in just a few steps via our Facebook page. Take part in the competition

Good luck and have a good summer! ⛹️🏀


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