Sports association management software, the best solution?

Managing your sports association is starting to take too many hours weekly?

You enjoy managing different sports teams, but you are running out of time?

Being a member of a sports organization brings many challenges; it’s a job that requires a lot of structure and energy. You must manage budgets, which are often very limited, work hard to find volunteers and build and maintain a healthy relationship with other members, players and parents.

With the scheduling of games, practices, and registrations at the beginning of the season in addition to managing the availability of referees, things can quickly become hectic.

With that being said, don’t get discouraged!

There are several simple solutions to help you manage your sports organizations. Of course, emails and private groups on Facebook are all interesting tools to help you with your planning. An even simpler way is to use a sports association management software.

What if we told you that MonClubSportif saves you hundreds of hours every week?

See here how a youth sports management software can help you improve the management of your organization!

It will facilitate communication between the members of your sports association

Suppose that your child, Maxim, forgot his brand new 385$ Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Elite MDS shoes at his last practice. His coach desperately tries to reach the parents to notify them, but he can’t find his email or his contact information.

You may think your child’s shoes have been stolen or lost forever.

On your way to the next practice, you realize that the coach had them all along.

The MonClubSportif application offers the “discussions” feature. This feature allows different members of an organization to communicate with each other directly within the application. You will no longer have to go back to your old emails to find the addresses of the people you want to reach.

You will be able to find the list of members and all the related contact information. You will also easily find archives of your conversations in this section, which will allow you to return to a conversation if necessary.

In a situation like the one of little Maxim, the coach wouldn’t have to search for the email with the parent’s phone number. He would have found it quickly and would have been able to contact them directly to notify them so that they could come back for the shoes.

Communication between the members of your sports organization and the player’s parents has never been so simple and efficient!

It will make it easier for players to learn

During the last practice, you put a lot of effort into trying to get the players to understand how to position themselves when the opponent gets the ball in the offensive territory.

The explanations given were really technical and it is unlikely that your players have completely absorbed the information.

To encourage them to learn and develop this technique, you would have liked to send them drawings on Facebook, but they’re too young and don’t all have Facebook accounts, therefore it’s not possible.

By email? No 8-year-old players have e-mail. You don’t make a big deal about it, you will work with them again at the next practice.

MonClubSportif application also offers the “documents” function. This tool allows you to attach images or documents. This is a very convenient way, for example, to provide information about a tournament to parents.

You can also put documents concerning your association’s ethics code, registration forms, travel permit applications, injury claim forms, and tax receipt applications.

Moreover, with the possibility to put pictures, you can share different strategies with the players, which they will be able to analyze before a practice or a game.

In periods of isolation or in normal times, coaches can use this module to put lists of exercises to do at home.

It will facilitate volunteer management

A tournament is organized by the neighboring city and you would like to register your teams. After all, playing outside and sleeping in classrooms is an experience that is forever engraved in young athletes’ minds.

You need 12 chaperones due to the number of players present. 2 coaches are available. You depend on the parents to make it possible. You send an email, but after 4 days, only 3 people have indicated their interest.

There are 2 days left to register your teams and despite a few calls, it’s impossible to find available chaperones. As a result, the youth will have to settle for the regular season.

It is well known that the management of volunteers is one of the main problems for any sports association. It is difficult to find volunteers and keep them over time.

Often, it is the parents who play the role of the volunteer, so over time, once a child is no longer playing, the parent volunteer is less available. This is why it is important to make the most of them when they are present and active.

Since the application offers a “discussion” function, it becomes very easy to communicate with volunteers. Whether it is to assign them to an event or to try to find a last-minute replacement. They can be added to the team as a player and be notified when their presence is required.

It’s one thing to have them at events, but how do you increase the participation rate? It’s simple, you have to give them a lot of recognition. That way, they will want to make an effort for your organization.

It is important to retain your volunteers, they are very valuable to your association. They are people who give you their time for free and who do this very often for the love of sport and their children.

A good way to show them your appreciation is to reward them at the end of the season by maybe organizing a little happy hour or giving them a little something.

sports management app

It will make attendance management easier

The coach arrives at the practice, very excited to see his team. He loves his job, he’s passionate about field hockey, and sharing his knowledge with the players is what he does best.

He works several hours a week to make sure he arrives well prepared for practices and games. When he arrives at practice, he notices that 4 players are not present. However, they told him at the last practice that they would be there…

The coach is disappointed because he does not have enough players to work on the strategies planned for the practice. He has to change his practice schedule very quickly without having any time to prepare.

Unfortunately, this situation is a reality that many sports associations have to deal with.

The MonClubSportif application allows parents and players to confirm their attendance at games and practices in the “my availabilities” function. It is also possible to indicate the reason for the absence. Vacation, injury, illness, or other!

The coach will be informed and it will be possible for him to try and find a replacement or to adjust his practice or his roster depending on the number of players present. You can track attendance directly from the application!

To make it easier to manage your player’s health status monitoring

When you arrive at your next soccer practice, you learn that one of your players has contracted COVID-19. Even though he has the virus, he felt fit to play since he is asymptomatic.

Unfortunately, you must inform all the players present at the practice about the situation very quickly. You take out your list of players, but you realize that you did not take attendance that night…you do not take any risks, you make a phone call to every single one of your players.

MonClubSportif had to adapt to the situation and set up a new “health” module. It allows coaches to track the player’s health condition before each event.

Directly from the app, it is possible to answer 3 questions based on the official Health Canada guidelines. The answer to those questions will determine if a player is eligible to participate in an event or not.

If a player has been infected with COVID-19, you can export the list of players present at the same event as the infected player. Then, invite the concerned people to take a COVID-19 test.

With the app, there will be no need to pick up the phone and start calling parents or players one by one. The app takes care of that for you!

MonClubSportif offers several features that facilitate and optimize your time devoted to the management of a sports association. No need to waste more time managing your organization. Contact us for a demonstration and join MonClubSportif today.


MonClubSportif is a sports team management application that helps teams get organized and communicate efficiently by centralizing all the important information in one place and automating different processes.

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