Team sports: keep track of your players’ health!

Even though contact team sports have resumed across Quebec, the return to normalcy on the field will not happen anytime soon.

The Public Health Department offers a complete guide of recommendations to follow and to limit the risks of contagion when returning to sports.

However, it is the responsibility of each individual to ensure that all health recommendations are respected.

You know us well, our goal is always to be there for you! This was also our goal when we designed the Covid-19 feature, which has been used by our members for several months now.

Why is the Covid-19 feature a big help to you?

You know those questions we get asked when we go for a medical appointment or even prior to getting vaccinated?

Well, we have designed a feature that allows you to send a form with 3 questions taken directly from Public Health.😷

These questions are customizable and chosen by the coach, so they can send the form to the players before a practice.

With just a few clicks, coaches can know if their players are in shape for the game or if they are showing symptoms.

the new covid-19 module on the app

In the event that a player submits a form with Covid-19 symptoms, the coach may even notify other players to go get tested. The coach may also keep a record following up with Public Health.

A ton of benefits

This feature has several benefits; not only does it ensure the safety of all players and staff, but it also allows the coach to schedule games with the right number of players.🏈

And yes, the coach can have members fill out the health form 48 hours prior to the event, which allows them to contact reserves if needed and plan his game strategies.

Using this feature also save coaches a lot of time.

Imagine if they had to call every parent of a player to ask them the questions requested by Public Health? It would never end!

Instead, it takes less than 5 minutes to fill out the forms, yes, you read that right!

It is also a great tool to reassure the parents of players.👇

Témoignage d'un coach sur la nouvelle fonctionnalité de covid-19

3 days before Sophia’s first practice:

It’s the first baseball practice after more than a year off and Sophia’s parents are a little anxious.

They know that their daughter’s baseball association will have taken the necessary steps to set up a safe playing environment, but that doesn’t mean they are completely stress-free.

After all, they have been EXTREMELY careful for over a year, they wouldn’t want their little girl to be at risk of catching Covid-19 and that is understandable.

Sophia’s mom gets in touch with the head coach to express her concerns. 😳

How does the Covid-19 feature help reassure Sophia’s parents?

Over the phone, the coach explains to Sophia’s mother that all the measures have been taken in accordance with public health guidelines.

He tells her that the sports association management application they use to manage baseball games and practices has a Covid-19 feature. This provides additional security.

He emails her a link to an article on the MonClubSportif website, which explains how the feature works from A to Z. Sophia’s mother takes the time to read the article with her husband, which is very reassuring.

She also took the opportunity to share the article with other moms of players, to spread the word.

What better way to reassure parents who are a little stressed about this return?

With Covid-19, parents don’t have to worry and can enjoy every moment. A person who has contracted Covid-19 will have to test negative before they can return to play.

Sophia’s parents’ situation is far from rare.

The goal of MonClubSportif is to help coaches offer parents a solution that works for everyone.

Your safety is important to us

With this feature and Public Health recommendations, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy your return to the game. It’s an easy-to-use tool that saves coaches time to ensure effective team management.

To learn more about the new Covid-19 feature, check out our article on the subject.

Now all that’s left to do is enjoy every moment!

Wishing you a great return to the game!😊


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