What’s new in MonClubSportif?

At MonClubSportif, the opinion of our members is very important.

Our goal is to always create features that will meet your needs and allow you to take full advantage of your experiences on and off the field.

Several changes have been made to our application since last March.

We are excited to share them with you so that you can get back to managing your sports club as soon as possible.

Here are the latest new features of the application :

  1. Modification of attendance notifications
  2. Brand new Covid-19 and player health condition tool
  3. Locations management via your mobile device
  4. New display of team parameters
  5. Importing players via an updated Excel file
  6. A stunning calendar

1. Modification of attendance notifications

You can now access the notification settings to enable or disable the delay for notification of presence at an event.

In the “My Profile” tab, under “Notifications”, you can set reminders for games and event attendances based on your preferences.

By enabling the “Availability reminder” feature, you can select whether you would prefer to receive a reminder by email, on your mobile device, or both, which includes the event information and your status (present, absent, or uncertain).

Under the “Alert me” tab, you can also decide when you want to receive attendance notifications by choosing a deadline by which you’d like to receive them before an event to receive them before an event.

Please note that each member is responsible for their own notifications according to their preferences.

For example, if you want to be notified 1 day before an event, specify 24 hours and you will receive your notification at the time that best suits you!

modification of attendance notifications on apps

2. Brand new Covid-19 and player health condition tool

For a safe return to sports, MonClubSportif allows you to monitor the health condition of your players with the “Covid-19” feature.

Once this feature is activated, members will automatically receive a 3-question form based on Health Canada guidelines before each event.

It is possible to modify, add and remove questions according to the criteria defined by your club.

The administrator of the form can also set a time limit to collect the results from the members of his team.

For example, in the settings, they can choose to send the forms 12 hours before a game or event.

If a member of the sports organization is affected by Covid-19, the person in charge will automatically be notified.

They will be able to export a list to know which members have been in contact with the confirmed case in less than 5 minutes.

They will be able to quickly use the “Discussion” tab to contact all the other members who could have been in contact and make sure they react quickly.

You can send an alert to your teams to inform them of this new feature easily.

covid-19 health function on app

3. Locations management via your mobile device

It is now possible to add or modify an address from your phone.

Isn’t that great?

You will be able to assign a location when you create an event or a game.

It’s simple, just go to the “Calendar” tab and click on “Add Match” or “Add Event”.

From there, you will be able to enter all the usual information such as the date, time and name of the opposing team and now, the address of the location of the next game!

Once the location and address are added, members will be able to consult the itinerary from the event details.

add new location on your sports calendar app

4. New display of team parameters

You will find in the ” Management “ tab, a new page of team settings. Under this tab, you will be able to choose a cutoff time to prevent players from changing their attendance before a match or event.

For example, you will be able to decide that 24 hours before a match, it will no longer be possible for players to change their attendance.

They will be forced to contact the coach and advise them. This avoids many, let’s just say, “unpleasant” surprises!

You can change your preferences depending on the type of event, because we know that the preparation time for a game is not the same as for a practice.

It is therefore more important to know in advance how many players will be attending the next hockey game.

You can also activate the function “Send a notification as soon as a presence is modified” so that the coach is automatically notified when a player changes their attendance at an event.

Finally, a coach will be able to activate the “Open Registration” tab to share a registration link with all members to avoid having to enter players’ personal information one by one.

Once again, MonClubSportif wants you to save time.

new team management function on the app

5. Importing players via an updated Excel file

We have revisited the members list import feature to make it even more accurate.

You can import a complete list of players and retrieve their personal information such as their date of birth, ID number and jersey number.

It is also possible to import this information for parents, which makes it easier to communicate with them later on.

teams players list on a sports team app

6. A stunning calendar

Two important aspects have been changed.

First, the look of the calendar has been completely redesigned.

Second, it is now easier to synchronize your team calendar with your personal calendar.

This allows you to have the schedule of events at your fingertips, without even opening the application.

You will no longer have any reason to miss a game!

sports team scheduling app

To take full advantage of these new features and more, visit MonClubSportif website today. Don’t wait for the return of sports to get ready, create your team in just a few clicks and be prepared!


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